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Nujoud Srdar

  • Qualifications: 2007 Bachelor Degree in Science in Accounting - King Abdul Aziz University 2010 Master Degree in Social Sciences in Accounting and Finance - University of Southampton
  • Role Title: PhD student
  • Address: Richmond Building Portland Street Portsmouth PO1 3DE
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  • Department: Accounting and Financial Management
  • Faculty: Portsmouth Business School


Nationality: Saudi Arabian - Director of studies: Professor Lisa Jack - Year of graduation: 2016

Title: The Expectation Gap in Accounting Education between Learning and Practice: Case study from Saudi Arabia

Thesis summary
There is strong consensus among academics and practitioners that accounting education is in need of comprehensive reorientation to ensure an output that is compatible with the needs of a changeable business environment. The recognition of this reorientation establishes the existence of the gap in accounting education, which needs to be bridged. Many researches among the time call for the change.
Perhaps the most difficult challenges faced the reform movement in accounting education is an attempt to reconcile the conflicting two parties (academics and practitioners). The academics still believed in the classical framework, which believes that accountants working in a stable environment away from the risk and volatility. On the other hand, practitioners adhere to the new framework, which believes that the work environment is unstable and risky. Thus, bringing together the views of the two parties is in itself an obstacle to the reform movement for accounting. This conflict as well made the researches in accounting education ineffective. Another challenge that could face the reformation is the way in which the business environment is changing over the years. Which become more complex and faster over the years.
The study focused on the expectation gap in accounting education between learning and practice in Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia is one of HIOECs “High income oil exporting countries”. Therefore, the development of SA after the oil in various areas has led to the need to develop economic environments and businesses in the country to be in line with the new development. Accounting profession was one of these needs.

The study explored how and why accounting education in Saudi Arabia (SA) suffers from gap. Study addressed this from different viewpoints academics, students, business employers, employees and accounting profession.