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Sally-Ann Krzyzaniak

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Nationality: British - Director of studies: Professor Lisa Jack Year of graduation: January 2017

Key determinants for the governance of food safety in food business organisations

Thesis summary

Food safety is a growing issue.  The requirement for all food supplied to be of sufficient quality, i.e. safe and wholesome, is enshrined in law across the world, yet even in highly developed countries there remains a high incidence of cases of food borne illness and high numbers of product recalls for food safety issues.  Many barriers to, and benefits of, the implementation of food safety management systems, such as HACCP, have been identified (e.g. Fotopoulos 2011).  In particular, food safety culture has been identified as an emerging risk factor for food safety (Griffiths 2010). 

This research will identify key determinants for the governance of food safety in food businesses, through case study based research with a small number of food companies based in the UK.  The factors affecting food safety governance, and specifically the food safety culture of each organisation, will be explored and analysed using the methodology of constructive pragmatism (Nørrelkit, Nørreklit and Mitchel, 2010) which gives a framework to explain and understand companies’ existing practices.  The research will also seek to develop measures (or proxy measures) of food safety culture which can be employed as a routine part of the organisation’s food safety monitoring system.  Successful completion of this work will inform evidence based practice in the implementation of food safety management systems in food business organisations and will also inform recommendations for changes in government policy / enforcement actions to support food businesses in ensuring the production and sale of safe food.