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Admissions Policy

disability support

The University Admissions Code of Practice explicitly states that (clause 2.1.4), “The University is committed to promoting equal opportunities for all students” and that (clause 2.3.3), “No potential student will be excluded from entry to any University programme as a result of discrimination on the grounds of...disability”.

The criteria for admissions are further set out as “The admission of any student will be determined by an assessment of the potential of the student to contribute to and benefit from their proposed course of study and by academic, personal, professional and other relevant criteria.”

The code is clarified through particular reference to disabled applicants under clause 2.3.4, “Applications from candidates with disabilities will be judged on the basis of the criteria described in 2.1.4 (above), subject to professional practitioner requirements where they apply. Academic decisions and discussion of support needs are undertaken independently. If the University is unable to meet additional needs, or can only do so by compromising the learning experience which would disadvantage the applicant, the University undertakes to inform the applicant immediately the situation is apparent.”

ASDAC aims to liaise with all applicants right from the outset so once you have notified us of your particular disability you will be offered an appointment with a Disability Officer to assess the current position and the next steps in the assessment of your needs. The main objective is to identify your particular requirements and ensure that these are effectively and rapidly communicated to all those academic and support staff who are responsible for delivering the necessary support and/or making necessary adjustments to teaching, learning and assessment process.