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8 top tips for writing your personal statement

Universities use personal statements to find out more about you, your strengths and your interest in the course you're applying for.

Writing your personal statement can be a challenge. But it's worth taking the time to make sure it represents the best of you – that's what we're looking for.

Read our eight top tips to stand out and secure your place at university.

1. Make your statement unique

Your personal statement is about you. So it’s unique – just like you.

Show us what you know and love about your subject. Highlight your strengths and why you're right for the course.

2. Show passion

Talk about the things you do in your spare time that show your passion for the course, such as sports activities, work experience, or volunteering.

3. Do your research

Find out what knowledge and skills the course needs and write about how your experience meets these requirements. Writing about your knowledge and experience helps create a clear and confident statement.

4. Prove your skills

Show examples of how your experiences have given you the skills required by your chosen course.

If you've completed work experience, then highlight the relevant skills you gained from it and, more importantly, how these skills are important for your course and your future plans.

5. Don’t be afraid to sell yourself

Use your personal statement to persuade the university that you're the right person for the course. Be proud and share your achievements and ambitions.

If you're not sure what your strengths are, ask your friends and teachers.

6. Be honest

Exaggerating your statement or copying from someone else can be tempting but it's never worth the risk. Use your statement as an opportunity to express yourself and shout about your achievements.

7. Have an eye for detail

Make sure you thoroughly proof read your spelling and grammar. Mistakes in your statement won’t look good.

8. Check, check and re-check

Read your statement aloud and ask your friends and family to read over it. This will help you shape and strengthen it.

You'll also be able to talk confidently about your statement if called for an interview.

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