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Portsmouth has a long tradition of welcoming students from overseas and we understand that deciding to study abroad is a big step. We offer quality degrees assessed by the Quality Assurance Agency and research opportunities with internationally ranked academics and centres. A Portsmouth degree is good value for money; we have strong links with businesses and professional organisations and most of our master’s programmes can be completed in one year, unlike the equivalent programmes in the United States or Australia.

Your choice to study for a degree is an investment in your future. We want to help you understand the fees involved and how it's calculated so that you can plan ahead for your time at university.

For more details read our tuition fee terms and conditions

Our International Office can help you with advice and information regarding the cost of living for and other related finance issues. When you are a student here, you will also be able to get assistance on managing your money and budgeting from our Student Finance Office.

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Tuition Fees

Standard first year of entry tuition fees for international students are detailed in the table below, please bear in mind that there are exceptions to these standard fees. Fees may vary depending on the type of course and individual circumstances. For the exact fees that apply to the course you are looking to study, please see the ‘key facts’ on the corresponding course page.

The on-campus international tuition fees for undergraduate and postgraduate research students starting their courses in 2017/18, are available for the next three and four years respectively, in the downloads below:

Standard Courses

Classroom based courses Fee band 1
2017/18 £12,600
2018/19 £13,200
2019/20 £13,900
2020/21 £14,300
Mixed classroom and laboratory based courses Fee band 2
2017/18 £13,300
2018/19 £14,000
2019/20 £14,700
2020/21 £15,100
Laboratory based courses Fee band 3
2017/18 £14,400
2018/19 £15,100
2019/20 £15,900
2020/21 £16,400

Sandwich/Placement Year

Classroom based / Mixed based / Laboratory based
2017/18 £2,200
2018/19 £2,300
2019/20 £2,400
2020/21 £2,500

Bachelor's Degrees with Business Communication

Bachelor's Degrees with Business Communication
2017/18 £11,600
2018/19 £12,200
2019/20 £12,800
2020/21 £13,200

How to pay

If you are a fully self-funding student and you pay your tuition fee on or before your invoice payment due date, you may claim an early payment discount of 2%. You must remember to deduct this amount before making your payment.

If you pay two years fees (or more) in advance of the start of your course or before 20 November, you can pay a fixed entry fee for those years (at the fee rate for your year of entry) and therefore avoid the small annual increase in tuition fees. You may also claim the 2% early payment discount if you pay the fees by the invoice payment due date. Please download and complete the International Fixed Entry Fee Agreement and return to Again, you must remember to deduct the discount amount before making the payment.

Tuition Fees can also be paid in 6 monthly instalments, starting in October if registering September and February if starting in January, by Direct Debit through a UK bank account (not a savings account or high interest account) or by a Recurring Card Payment (regular payment by debit or credit card) on arrival in the UK. This is subject to approval by the Finance Department and your bank or card provider. Please note: if you pay your tuition fees by instalments, you may not claim the 2% early payment discount. If the instalment plan is approved, the fees will be divided into equal instalments and collected at the beginning of October, November, December, January, February and March.

You can make payments in a variety of ways using Webpay.

Please read the relevant year's Important registration and tuition fee information.


A £2000 deposit is required of which £1000 is non-refundable. Successful applicants should not pay this deposit until they have received an offer from us. Once the academic conditions and the financial conditions have been fulfilled and the deposit payment has cleared, the Confirmation of Acceptance of Studies will be sent out by email. The deposit will contribute towards the tuition fee.

The following applicants are exempt from the £2000 deposit:

  • Government and company sponsored students (upon receipt of satisfactory evidence of this sponsorship)
  • Applicants from approved Partner Institutions (please check with the International Office)
  • Students who are nationals of EU member states
  • Students who are nationals of Switzerland and EEA member states
  • Students from the USA who will be receiving a Federal/Sallie Mae Direct Loan
  • Distance learning students
  • Exchange students
  • Study Abroad students
  • Students progressing from ICP
  • Eligible Alumni, if continuing directly to a postgraduate course without any study gap

A refund may be considered on certain occasions. Please check the relevant year's tuition fee policy for further information. To make a refund appeal email

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Cost of Living and Money Advice

Cost of living

We estimate that students will need between £9500 per year to cover living costs (not tuition fees) including:

We strongly recommend that you do not bring large amounts of cash with you. Instead, we advise you to:‌

Opening a bank account‌

When you arrive in the UK, you will need to open a bank account. You should seek advice from your own bank in your home country before leaving for the UK as they may have a special arrangement with a UK bank. You should also find out if you can use a cash (ATM) card from your home country. Please be aware that it may take two to three weeks to open a bank account in the UK so you must ensure that you have money available to you during this period. Further advice on opening a bank account, including a list of banks, is given by the International Office upon your arrival.

If you require advice or guidance about managing your money, contact our Student Finance Centre.

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Funding for International Students

There is no UK Government-backed loans and grants for international students, therefore you are expected to be fully self-supporting whilst studying here. Before you can be granted a visa to come and study in the UK, you must prove that you have made adequate financial provision at the start of your course, covering tuition fees, accommodation and general living costs in line with current UK Visas and Immigration requirements (full tuition fees and the equivalent of £9,135 a year towards accommodation and living costs). The British Government, however, offers some awards to international students through the British Council. You should apply for these through British Council Offices in your home country. For further information please refer to the British Council.

Bursaries and scholarships

PassPort Bursary

The PassPort Bursary gives self-funded students a 10% fee reduction for the first year of study only. It applies to all degree courses with fees of £12,000 and above for 2016 entry and £12,600 or above for 2017 entry. The following countries are eligible for the PassPort Bursary for 2016 entry:

  • Brazil
  • Colombia
  • Dominican Republic
  • Ecuador
  • Malaysia
  • Mexico
  • Russia
  • Sri Lanka
  • Thailand
  • Turkey
  • Ukraine
  • Venezuela

GOAL Award

The Global Outreach: Access to Learning (GOAL) Awards are for students who are nationals of middle and low-income countries, as defined principally by the United Nations Human Development Index. The award is a 10% fee reduction for self-funded international students for the first year of study only. It applies to all degree courses with fees of £12,000 and above for 2016 entry and £12,600 or above for 2017 entry. The list of eligible countries can be found on the International Office pages.

Fee discount calculator

Use our tuition fee discount calculator to find out the reduced cost of courses after any applicable discounts mentioned above are applied.

These bursaries and scholarships cannot be combined with any other University discount or scholarship scheme, except the 2% 'early payment discount'. Eligible applicants for the PassPort Bursary and GOAL Award will be awarded automatically. The discounted fee will be stated on your Confirmation of Acceptance for Study (CAS).

Other scholarships available

For other scholarships available to international students please visit the International Office website.

Sponsored students

If you are being officially sponsored by a company or your government, you may have already submitted evidence of your sponsorship in order to obtain your Confirmation of Acceptance for Study (CAS) statement. If not, you should submit this as soon as possible. You will also need to submit an official certificate/letter of sponsorship to our Student Administration Division before registering on your course. This should contain all the relevant information necessary for us to invoice your sponsor - as detailed here. If we do not receive this, you will become liable for paying your fee as soon as you have registered on your course and you will be expected to comply with the University of Portsmouth payment terms and conditions.

If you are sponsored by an embassy, we will pass information on your attendance and assessment directly to the embassy without requiring you to provide written consent to do so. This will be the only information disclosed in this way. Any further requests from your embassy will only be responded to with your consent. For more details contact Samantha Hill - telephone 023 9294 4642 or email

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