Business Services


The University can provide you with a rich and diverse set of resources that rival any commercial research and development facilities. These resources can be provided individually or as a coherent package that combines research, expertise, facilities and modern thinking.

Our resources include:

  • Access to the in-depth knowledge and applied experience of our academic experts
  • State-of-the-art facilities to hire for research and development supported by academic and technical specialists
  • Opportunities to benefit from engaging our highly-motivated students in placement, project or volunteering roles
  • Conferences and accommodation

University expertise

The University enjoys academic freedom and as such specialises in its areas of thematic strength, which also have wider socio-economic benefits, without the direct influence or contraint of commercial interests. As a consequence, our experts have in-depth knowledge in their field and have the time to develop new ideas, engage in new thinking and become leaders of existing and emerging topics.

Their expertise is passed down through doctoral students to our graduates and our undergraduates, providing organisations with cascading levels of knowledge that can be accessed through consultancy, research projects, graduate recruitment and student projects.

Our expertise can be delivered through consultancy, if you would like to find out more about engaging one of our experts, please contact us at Purple Door t: 023 9284 4444.

Facilities for hire

The University’s laboratories, technical equipment and professional service suites number over 1,000 across the campus. Our assets encompass biomedical labs, virtual reality suites, a functioning courtroom, forensic interviewing suites, rapid prototyping machines and much more as well as conferencing and audio visual equipment.  Many of these facilities are available for use by external organisations with expertise available to complement their use.

If you would like to make use of the University’s facilities, please contact us at Purple Door t: +44 (0)23 9284 4444.

Conference facilities

Our high specification lecture theatres, seminar rooms, equipped with the best audio visual equipment, together with our halls of residence and catering facilities constitute excellent conference facilities. Halls of residence provide accommodation during the summer within easy walking distance of conference facilities. The City is an excellent conference destination with it’s mix of cosmopolitan waterfront life and historic maritime attractions.

Student placements

Student placements can be a useful way to drive a business project forward that because of day-to-day pressures might not otherwise be undertaken. Many of our degrees have a 9-12 month period of employment built into the structure of the course and as an integral part of the student's education. The placement enables the student to gain valuable and relevant work experience and also benefits employers by offering them a chance to take on fresh, intelligent and enthusiastic people. Placement students have a high level of skill and flexibility and can offer applied knowledge from their studies, resourcefulness and enthusiasm.

Each of our five faculties has dedicated placements office which liaises with businesses to match employers’ needs with students’ skills. To discuss a placement opportunity that you would like to offer a University of Portsmouth Student contact one of the offices below – their students subject areas are listed below each.

Portsmouth Business School Placements Office
Placement opportunities in business, marketing, accounting, economics, HR and sales.

Faculty of Technology Student Placement and Employability Centre
Placement opportunities in computing, engineering, civil engineering, surveying and mathematics.

Faculty of Creative and Cultural Industries Placements Office
Placement opportunities in the creative and cultural industries including: television, broadcasting, graphic design, illustration, architecture, interior design and web design.

Faculty of Science Placements Office
Placement opportunities include: environmental science, pharmacy, radiography, health and biomedical sciences, social work, sport science.

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences Placement and Internship Centre
Placement opportunities include: journalism, technical writing, web writing, copy-writing, administration, museums, translator, local government, NGOs, charities.

Student projects

As part of their degree at Portsmouth, students learn solid theory to underpin practical application. Working on real-life problems is essential, therefore, to enable students to exercise and practice their new skills.

Student projects allow businesses to get access to new approaches and ideas, whilst providing students with real-life problems to work on.  The projects are typically carried out on the University’s premises as part of a unit of assessment.  Academics supervise and grade the work, passing the results on to the organisation that submitted the scope in the first place.

The work undertaken is typically exploratory in nature, looking at new market opportunities, testing ideas or developing innovative designs.  Examples of successful student projects include our work with Quicktools ltd and Wiggle.  You can read about those projects and more in our success stories section.

If you would like to discuss a potential student project, please contact us at RIS t: +44 (0)23 9284 4444.


In order to remain competitive in the global workforce of today and to give something back to their local communities, students look to gain practical experience whilst they are studying through volunteering. There are often opportunities for the public sector and charity organisations to develop a part of their organisation through engaging a student volunteer. The student will bring enthusiasm, a fresh outlook and up to date practice and theory in their chosen area of study; whilst the organisation contributes a real project on which the student can work and use to add value to their CV to increase their career potential.

Where the organisation is a business we recommend that you engage student ideas through either a graduate role, part-time employment or by engaging a course leader in a student project.  You can find details on all of these initiatives by following the links.

Get Involved

Purple Door’s Volunteering services are free as part of our aim to support organisations in the community.

1. We meet you and get to know your organisation, understand your needs, and highlight the type of opportunities available via our service.

2. Volunteering opportunities are advertised through our online jobs board, in our paper based volunteering bank and via faculties to ensure students with relevant skills and expertise can assist your organisation’s needs.

3. We also support you in your volunteering recruitment process.

4. We offer free interview room and training space at Purple Door if required.

5. We review our working relationship with your organisation to ensure we are providing the service you require, and your experience working with student volunteers is positive and valuable.

If you feel your organisation has a project that would benefit from a volunteer, please contact Purple Door Recruitment or call +44 (0)23 9284 2684.