Interview skills

Interviews are an opportunity for the recruiter to find out if you are a suitable candidate for the role and the organisation.  They are an extremely important part of any application process and your preparation will help you to handle interviews confidently and boost your chances of success.

The interview is also your chance to check out an employer to see if you want to work for them as much as it is about the employer interviewing you for a position.

Try to bear in mind that you are just having a conversation and that the interviewer will understand that you are nervous. Remember that an interviewer will be monitoring everything you do, so make sure you are friendly and polite to everyone that you come in to contact with at the company. 

See the following Prezi for top tips to interview success. Alternatively you can read our Interviews Guide - please see the 'Further Advice and Information' section below.

Interview tips on Prezi

Further advice and information