We work with all staff and employers with an interest in and an influence over students’ career preparations. Our efforts are focused on students and we invest heavily in developing their career management skills.  Our student centred services are available from Purple Door, open all year round.  

Purple Door supports students and graduates providing information and advice on part-time jobs, career planning, work experience, volunteering, placements, business startup and graduate jobs. 

We offer employers a recruitment service with access to high calibre Portsmouth graduates and we help budding student entrepreneurs create their own jobs through self-employment and start-up business support. We maintain a network of employers, alumni and advisers to help students access the job market and support students up to five years after they graduate.

We work with course teams to develop new ways of teaching and assessing students to develop their employability skills, enterprising mind-sets and job preparedness. 
We help students plan, track and evidence their own development through success coaching and high quality personal development planning (PDP).

Explore our Services for you pages to find out more about the support available for students and graduates.

Our base

Our offices are Purple Door at 28 Guildhall Walk, PO1 2DD.

However, we regularly visit other university buildings and Portsmouth venues to give talks, meet students and encourage the use of our services.

Our Enterprise team and student entrepreneurs have dedicated facilities in the Innovation Space at 1 Hampshire Terrace, PO1 2QF - a venue they share with other aspiring Portsmouth start-ups.

Working with us

We welcome referrals for any students from any faculty or department! We offer expert careers information, advice and guidance at any time and can work directly with students to identify their particular career advice needs. 

You can also include our specialist staff in aspects of your course development or delivery. We can help you enhance your enterprise curriculum in numerous ways, whether you just want a few tops or a complete overhaul!

We can contribute to employability discussions with your course team, brief employers, develop new employability resources with you and contribute to staff development events you are running. We can also help with part-time jobs, volunteering and organising events for students.

Contacting us

Many of our staff work in teams aligned to one of the faculties, while others offer support and services across all five faculties. See below for information on who your best contact may be. 

Faculty Teams

Careers Adviser: Alexandra Hemingway (Ext 2599)
Information and Employment Adviser: Hayley Bell or Clare Pitkin (Ext 2684)
Recruitment Consultancy Adviser:  Paul Goldthorpe (x2685) 
Enterprise Adviser: Lynda Povey (Ext 3547)

Careers Adviser: Liz Holford (Ext 2687)
Information and Employment Adviser: Claudia Newiss (Ext 2769)
Recruitment Consultancy Adviser: Vicky Page (Ext 6222)
Enterprise Adviser: Lynda Povey (Ext 3547)

Careers Adviser: Kelly Biggs (Ext 2668)
Information and Employment Adviser: Rencia Mitchell or Clare Pitkin (Ext 2692)
Recruitment Consultancy Adviser: Rebecca Fletcher (Ext 3776)
Enterprise Adviser: Lynda Povey (Ext 3547)

Business School
Careers Adviser: Jacqui Adams (Ext 3778) and Janet Woolnough (Ext 6564)
Information and Employment Adviser: Melissa Testa or Luke Hahn (Ext 2692)
Recruitment Consultancy Adviser: Paul Goldthorpe (x2685)
Enterprise Adviser: Lynda Povey (Ext 3547)

Careers Adviser: Paul Barnes (Ext 2689)
Information and Employment Adviser: Sheena Sanders (Ext 2695)
Recruitment Consultancy Adviser:  Rebecca Fletcher (Ext 3776)
Enterprise Adviser: Lynda Povey (Ext 3547)

Cross-Faculty Teams

Information Team: Julie Bush (Ext 6692) and Debbie Fellows (Ext 3771)
Employers and Events: Christine Firkins (Ext 6564 ) and Sally Nicolson (Ext 2702) 


Volunteering Team: Jane Howe (Ext 2703)

Graduate Recruitment Consultancy
Recruitment Consultancy, Enterprise and Volunteering: Anna Wood (Ext 6217))

DLHE Survey Data
DLHE Team: Guy Townsin (Ext 2691) and Paul Spendlove (Ext 2688)

Communications and Admin
Communications: Angus Rosier (Ext 3865)
Admin: Michelle Rowe (Ext 3841) or Annette Giles (Ext 2783)

Feedback on our services

We welcome and appreciate feedback from all students and staff! In most cases we will consider and act on any feedback received. Please tell us how we can better support your students, colleagues and courses!

You can give us your views and recommendations through any of our staff members, or directly to our service managers listed below. 

Careers and DLHE: Guy Townsin (Ext 2691)
Recruitment Consultancy, Enterprise and Volunteering: Anna Wood (Ext 6217)
Information Services : Julie Bush (Ext 6692) and Debbie Fellows (Ext 3771)