Centre for Counter Fraud Studies


Staff associated with Centre

  • Professor Mark Button, Director
    Mark has an interest in the policing of fraud, counter fraud strategies, scams and the victims of fraud and has undertaken research for the NHSCFSMS, NFSA and ACPO related to this subject amongst others.
  • Professor Lisa Jack, Convenor, Food Fraud Group
    Lisa is interested in applying forensic accounting and management control to issues of fraud within food supply networks.
  • Dean Blackbourn, Lecturer
    Dean is interested in insurance fraud, staff fraud and victims of fraud.
  • Professor Becky Milne, Professor of Forensic Psychology
    Becky is an expert in interviewing and has taken an interest in fraud investigators and their interviewing standards.
  • Dr Francis Pakes, Reader
    Francis is interested in the psychology of fraud and insurance fraud.
  • Dr Andrea Shawyer, Senior Lecturer
    Andrea Shawyer is also interested in the interviewing standards of fraud investigators, particularly those focused upon benefits fraud.
  • Dr Geoff Smith, Senior Lecturer 
    Geoff Smith is interested in public sector counter fraud strategies. He is particularly interested in the work of the Department for Work and Pensions and Department of Health.
  • Dr David Shepherd, Senior Research Associate
    David Shepherd is interested in counter fraud, corruption and is working on a project with Prof Mark Button and led by Dr Victoria Wang for the EPSRC relating to open data

Research Students