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Photo of Dr Alessia Tranchese

Dr Alessia Tranchese

  • Qualifications: BA in Translation and Interpreting (University of Bologna) MA in Conference Interpreting (University of Bologna) PhD in English for Specific Purposes (University of Naples Federico II)
  • Role Title: Lecturer in Communication and Applied Linguistics
  • Address: Park Building, King Henry 1 Street, Portsmouth PO1 2DZ
  • Telephone: 023 9284 6044
  • Email: alessia.tranchese@port.ac.uk
  • Department: School of Languages and Area Studies
  • Faculty: Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences


I am a qualified translator and conference interpreter between Italian, English and German and I have a PhD in English for Specific Purposes from the University of Naples Federico II (Italy). My doctoral research focused on the representation of violence against women in the British quality press. My research interests include Critical Discourse Analysis, Corpus Linguistics and Communication, in particular through Social Media. I have worked with a number of organisations and think tanks in the UK; some of the research projects I worked on included the study of the representation of poverty in the British media and cyberbullying on Twitter. I also volunteer with a women rights organisation based in London. I joined the University of Portsmouth in 2015 to teach on a number of units ranging from Language, Gender and Sexuality to Analysing Media Discourse.

Teaching Responsibilities

  • Gender, Language and Sexuality (UG - unit coordinator)
  • Digital Communication (UG - unit coordinator)
  • Analysing Media Discourse (UG)
  • Theory and Practice of Communication (PG)
  • Intercultural Communication (PG)
  • Intercultural Perspectives on Communication (UG)


My research focuses on the representation of violence against women in the media. For my PhD, I studied the representation of rape in the British press; more recently, I have become interested in forms of violence against women perpetrated online and, in particular, in the language of cybersexism.

Research Cluster

  • LAB - Languages Across Borders