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Mathematical Models for the Territorial Re-organization of Public Services

Location decisions represent a critical element in the strategic planning of services as they can have a strong and lasting impact on their operational and logistic performance. A Facility Location Problem is aimed identifying the optimal position to assign to one or more structures, in a given space, in order to satisfy a demand (actual or potential) coming from a set of customers.

Historically, facility location models have been a viable decision support tool for institutions and firms that plan to open new facilities in a given region. However, in many cases, it could be necessary to reorganize existing facility systems. Notably, in the current economic and political context characterized by growing cuts to public expenditure and a review process of the welfare state, public services have and are still undergoing significant transformations, generally oriented to reduce administrative, managerial and operational burden and costs. Therefore, central and local authorities are more interested in the rationalization of the current systems of facilities, through downsizing and merging processes, rather than to the expansion or opening issues. However, apart from possible financial gains, each re-organization action will perturb the interaction between the facilities and the demand, and could produce some side effects that should be carefully evaluated, such as the increase of costs faced by users (in terms of accessibility).

With reference to the described context, some mathematical models for exploring re-organization decisions in non-competitive contexts and some applications arising in real-world situations will be described.


Prof Giuseppe Bruno and Dr Carmela Piccolo, University of Naples Federico II Italy


Dennis Sciama Building, DS 1.12

Date and Time

Thu, 07 May 2015, 13:00 - 14:00 (BST)

For further information or any enquiries please contact our event co-ordinator, Jana Ries, at jana.ries@port.ac.uk

Biography: Giuseppe Bruno is Associate Professor in Operational Research and Decision Science Methodologies at University of Naples “Federico II”. He also holds an Adjunct Professor position in Operational Research at University Parthenope of Naples. He got a PhD in Computer Science and Robotics from University of Naples Federico II. He is a Member of the Italian Association of Operational Research (AIRO), of European Working Group on Locational Analysis, of European Working Group on Transportation. He has authored and co-authored research articles published in international journals, books, and papers included in international and national conference proceedings. His main research interests lie in the fields of Logistics, Supply Chain Management and Transportation optimization.

Carmela Piccolo is a research fellow at University of Naples Federico II. She received the Master Degree in Management Engineering in 2011 and the PhD in Science and Technology Management in 2014 from University of Naples Federico II. Her research interests focus on the field of operational research and they are mainly related to logistic problems (districting and facility location problems, supply chain management) and multi-criteria decision-making problems. She is a member of the Italian Association of Operational Research (AIRO) and the Italian Association of Management Engineering (AIIG).