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Research Seminar

Applications of Graph Theory in Real World Combinatorial Optimisation Problems

In this talk Dr Rhyd Lewis will show how graph theoretical concepts can be used to help find approximate solutions to some important intractable combinatorial optimisation problems. Three cases studies will be considered: The design of optimal bus networks through the use of evolutionary algorithms and shortest path algorithms; university and sports timetabling and their relationship to graph colouring; and an exact algorithm for the truss packing problem using Eulerian cycles.

Biography: Dr Rhyd Lewis is a lecturer in operational research at Cardiff School of Mathematics, Cardiff University. Dr Lewis is a programme committee member for a number of scientific conferences such as EvoCop, GECCO, the International Metaheuristics Conference series and PATAT. He is also the co-founder and associate editor of the International Journal of Metaheuristics. A list of his publications can be found here.


Dr Rhyd Lewis, Cardiff School of Mathematics, Cardiff University


Lion Gate Building, LG 2.01

Date and Time

Fri, 12 Dec 2014, 12:00 - 13:00 (BST)

For further information or any enquiries please contact our event co-ordinator, Jana Ries, at corl@port.ac.uk