Art and Design

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Innovative and creative courses designed as routes to the visual industries

Undergraduate courses Undergraduate courses


BA (Hons)

Build the required practical and technical expertise and find your own artistic and creative style for a career in the exciting industry of animation

Fashion and Textile Design

BA (Hons)

A course providing an entrepreneurial approach to the fashion industry, with opportunities to design and create your own fashion products

Graphic Design

BA (Hons)

Our unique course in graphic design explores visual communication and design, and utilises a range of mediums across print, the web and other digital technologies


BA (Hons)

Spanning the traditional and modern methods of illustration, this course aims to develop your individual illustrative style


BA (Hons)

A course covering the wide breadth of photographic practice in order to help you find your creative niche as an aspiring photographer

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Postgraduate courses Postgraduate courses

Design for Digital Media


A course providing a broad understanding of the frameworks within digital media, with an emphasis on visual and technical experimentation

Fine Art


Become a critically-reflective practitioner in art through self-initiated study into an area of fine art practice, photography or design

Graphic Design


Expand your graphic design expertise and gain route to the professional design community by producing a visual research-driven project

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Flexible and Professional Flexible and Professional

Creative Professional Practice


Develop advanced skills in your specific creative field through a course which can be moulded to your professional development requirements

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Lightbulb Postgraduate Research

Postgraduate Research

Building upon the University of Portsmouth’s rich tradition of art and design education, the School of Art and Design provides an educational ethos that emphasises a distinctive relationship between practice and research in a cultural context. The School boasts a diverse assortment of learning facilities suitable for creative practise and academic study, including studios, large lecture theatres and ‘Space’, the University’s gallery and exhibition.

Our researchers in Art and Design work and supervise research on a broad range of subjects including aesthetics and politics of representation, visual connectivity (Art/Science), informing practice in art, design and media. For design-based research, our researchers are able to supervise in a broad range of subjects such as urban design, regeneration and related issues, and interior design practice. We prioritise acceptance of research degrees candidates whose intended programme of research further supports the knowledge base of the clusters and their development.

We welcome PhD research applications from anyone who has an interest in any of the areas above. Please contact us by email to discuss your research ideas and research proposals.

Graduate School

The University of Portsmouth Graduate School is a dedicated centre for all postgraduate research students and supervisors. It supports, administers and coordinates training for the MPhil, PhD, and Professional Doctorate programmes. We have a dynamic population of over 600 research students, including many international students, who form an essential and valued part of the of the University’s research culture.

The Graduate School is here to guide you through the necessary steps to becoming a postgraduate research student. A good starting point is to look at the different research degree options we offer and then to consider the research degree areas we can supervise.

If you have any questions about studying for a research degree at the University of Portsmouth, please complete our enquiry form and read more about how to apply.

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