Degree apprenticeships

How to apply

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How you apply for a degree apprenticeship will depend on whether you’re currently employed or not.

If you’re in full-time employment, ask your employer to complete this form or call us on 023 9284 8599.

Finding a degree apprentice employer

If you’re not employed full-time or would like to find a degree apprenticeship with another company, make an enquiry – we can match you to employers who are taking on degree apprentices.

You can also search for degree apprenticeship vacancies through or UCAS.


To qualify for a degree apprenticeship you need to be in full-time employment (more than 30 hours a week) in the UK at the start of your apprenticeship. You must also have the right to work in the UK.

We'll check to make sure you're eligible before you start your degree apprenticeship.

Entry requirements

Although you won't apply for degree apprenticeships through UCAS, we use the UCAS Tariff point system to show entry requirements for most degree apprenticeship courses.

The entry requirements for our degree apprenticeships vary from one subject to another. However, all of our courses require 112-120 UCAS Tariff points from three A levels or equivalent, plus a minimum of two GCSEs at Grade C or above including English and Mathematics.

You can work out how many points are awarded to qualifications using the UCAS Tariff point calculator.