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Outreach and Liaison
Outreach and Liaison

School visits

If you would like to take part in any of our activities that aim to inspire and inform young people about university in general please see our Recruitment and Outreach team pages.

For further information about any of our Education Liaison and Outreach activities, please contact us as at

Schools and Colleges Outreach Initiative: research oriented G2U programme

Given our passion for research and teaching, we offer a G2U programme that provides research-oriented lectures to GCSE, A/S and A2 level candidates. Sessions cover various aspects of human, physical and environmental geography, exploring topics from glacial retreat on Kilimanjaro in Tanzania to culture and urban regeneration in cities such as Los Angeles in the USA. These sessions can be delivered in your own college or school or alternatively you could visit us for a half-day session of specially tailored lectures and practical sessions in our specialist lecture rooms and laboratories. For details of what we can offer please contact Alastair Pearson: