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Maths Café
Maths Café is organised by the Department of Mathematics and offers one-to-one help with maths and statistics related issues to all students at the University of Portsmouth

What we offer

Maths Café offers free support and help with improving your mathematical skills, and it is open to all students.

In term ­time, we run daily drop-­in sessions at three campus locations, where you can receive help with maths or maths ­related problems that you might encounter in your studies, find out more about any topics of interest or pick up free resources. No appointment is needed, just come along to any of our sessions.

On Fridays we bring out games and puzzles which are not only entertaining but also support and stretch mathematical thinking; this doesn't interrupt the regular drop-in support service.

All students, including off-campus, distance and work-­based learners, can access Maths Café online resources via the Moodle virtual learning environment where you can also find details of times and locations.

Maths Café workshops

Maths Café runs workshops on some basic tipics in Algebra and Calculus, using calculators and computers to help solve maths problems, Mathemagic, statistical T-testing and more. Find out more and register to attend via Moodle.

About us

Most Maths Café tutors are staff and postgraduates in the Department of Mathematics. We enjoy solving mathematical problems, sharing our knowledge and experience, and working with students. For us, no problem is too trivial.


  • Take a look at the Maths Café resources that are available in Moodle, our Virtual Learning Environment
  • Find us on Facebook

I have personally found the Maths Café extremely helpful, especially during the first few months of my course this year.

When and where

  • Technology Learning Centre, Ground Floor, Lion Gate Building
  • University Library (Ground Floor

 Please visit our Moodle page or our Facebook page for the most up-to-date timetable.

What if...

... I need help with statistics?

We can always offer help and advice with basic statistical methods. For more advanced stats questions, we advise you to go to a session where specialist stats help is available. See the timetable for when and where these sessions take place. Some teaching departments at the University also offer stats help.

... I need help with my coursework?

If you are stuck on an assignment or a different form of coursework, we can offer help to aid your understanding of the material assessed in this coursework, but not the coursework itself. For example, we can work with you through a similar example but not the exact question given in your assignment. Any assignments need to be your own work.

… I am a distance learning student?

Like any other student, distance learners are welcome to use resources on our regularly updated Moodle pages. If you are able to visit the campus, you are welcome to visit our drop-in sessions and workshops. If you cannot see us in person and you think we might be able to help with your query, you can send us an email.

… I need help with my final year project?

When working on your final year project, you might encounter concepts or material relating to mathematics or statistics. If this is the case and you need some guidance, Maths Café may be able to help. Please note, however, that our drop-in sessions are best suited to short queries. Since final year projects are coursework, our aim would be, for example, to explain a mathematical concept in relation to elelments of your project. We're unable to verify the correctness of your work; your project supervisor will be able to advise you on that.

… I am a postgraduate student?

Sometimes, PhD students in non-mathematical disciplines are required to do some mathematics as part of their research. This could be calculating the number of occurances of certain words in a language, measuring and recording information, figuring out areas, etc. If you think that Maths Café might be able to help, come and see us or explain your mathematical problem in an email and we'll let you know if we can help.

If you need help with research and survey design, quantitative methods, SPSS, NVivo, R software or similar, please go to the Graduate School at the University of Portsmouth which offers a wide range of workshops for researchers.

… I would like an individual or a private session?

At Maths Café, we do not make appointments and we cannot offer private sessions. In many cases, there is dedicated Learning Support available within your faculty or department, where tutors can work with you one-on-one. Our Academic Skills Unit might also be able to help.

If it wasn't for Maths Cafe, I wouldn't have managed to get onto the second year of my course.