Department of Psychology

Community Collaboration

BPS Wessex Branch Solent Hub

In 2012 we became the geographical centre and contact for the BPS Wessex Branch Solent Hub. The Solent Hub, led by Dr Julie Udell, encourages an interest in psychology throughout the local region via seminars and events. It is a fantastic opportunity to network with psychologists in the local area.  Check out the BPS website for details of the Wessex Branch Solent Hub and events in this region.  

Autism Research Network

The primary aim of the Autism Research Network, coordinated by Dr Beatriz López, is to create a forum to promote a genuine communication channel amongst researchers, practitioners, carers, parents and individuals with autism spectrum disorders in order to improve the lives of autistic individuals and their families. Please visit the Autism Research Network web site for further information.

Autism Centre for Employment

The Autism Centre for Employment (ACE) is a new service that provides people with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) with the opportunity to undertake useful work experience.  Our structured and supervised work placements help individuals with ASD to prepare for full time employment and to enhance their future career prospects.  For more information visit the Autism Centre for Research on Employment web page.

Macaque Cognition Project

The Macaque Cognition Project is a joint venture between the University of Portsmouth, Monkey Haven and Marwell Wildlife. We have established a set of unique facilities for cognitive and behavioural research with Barbary (Macaca sylvanus) and rhesus macaques (M. mulatta) at the Monkey Haven (Isle of Wight) and crested macaques (M. nigra) at Marwell Zoo (Winchester). For more information about the Macaque Cognition Project please visit our dedicated pages.

Dog Cognition Centre

In November 2013 we opened our Dog Cognition Centre, Portsmouth (DOCS). The Centre invites family dogs of all breeds, genders and ages to take part in fun activities and fun games. Researchers watch how dogs interact with their environment, other dogs or people. Researchers from the Department of Psychology will be studying all kinds of questions around dog cognition like eg, how dogs communicate with humans or how they understand human forms of communication, how dogs learn from other dogs or humans, what dogs understand about their physical environment etc. For more information about the Dog Cognition Centre please visit our web site.

Growing Learners

The Growing Learners team led by Dr Sherria Hoskins, works with many schools to develop pupils’ beliefs that ability and intelligence are developable, which can lead to more resilience in learning and better academic outcomes.   On the Changing Mindsets project, the team works with 36 schools across Hampshire to investigate whether pupils’ views about their intelligence can be changed through a pupil workshop programme and teacher training.  As well as working on large scale projects the Growing Learners team work with individual schools. On the Closing the Gap project we provide training for teachers and leaders from over 100 schools across the UK.  In addition to this work, the team, specifically Dr Victoria Devonshire, have expertise in developing reading and spelling skills through literacy interventions that move beyond phonics approaches.  For further information please visit our Growing Learners website.

Changing Mindsets 2015

Building on the work of the Growing Learners team, this new project provides support to schools to encourage growth mindsets in their pupils. Led by Dr Sherria Hoskins and funded by the Education Endowment Foundation, the project involves training teachers from 100 schools across the country to deliver an 8 week intervention with Year 5 and Year 6 pupils. For more information, please visit the Changing Mindsets website.

Re-connecting Portsmouth to World War 1

This project has engaged different cross-sections of local people (primary school children/students/senior citizens) to learn from their own research and help build a picture of the personal experiences of those involved in these conflicts and the wider impact on civilians in Portsmouth. The project will also reveal the relatively unknown account of how enemy agents were used to spy on naval movements in Portsmouth. Read more

Education Liaison and Outreach

The University Education Liaison and Outreach Team act as our link to colleges/schools.  With their help we can offer a range of activities that aim to engage and inform students about Psychology and the University of Portsmouth in particular.  If you are a college/school and would like further information, please visit the Education Liaison and Outreach Team web site.

As an individual, if you are interested in studying psychology and would like to visit us, please book a place on one of our Open Days.