Department of Psychology


The 38th Annual Meeting of the British Feeding & Drinking Group (BFDG)

BFDG is an annual international and multi-disciplinary gathering of scientists whose research examines some aspect of eating or drinking. The meeting in April 2014 was organised by Dr Lorenzo Stafford and welcomed a wide range of scientists, including those working in psychology, physiology, nutrition, food science (including smell and taste) dietetics and related disciplines.

20th Annual Division of Forensic Psychology Conference

The major theme of the conference held in June 2011 was ‘Fighting Violence’. The programme was constructed so that delegates, including researchers, teachers and students found a rich fund of ideas and innovation.

Autism Interventions

In July 2010 Dr Beatriz Lopez organised a seminar which focused on integrating approaches to autism interventions. This was an opportunity for autism researchers, parents and practitioners to discuss the latest developments in autism interventions.