Department of Psychology


Dr Lorraine Hope

  • Qualifications: BA, MSc and PhD
  • Role Title: Reader in Applied Cognitive Psychology
  • Address: King Henry Building, King Henry 1st Street, Portsmouth, Hampshire, PO1 2DY
  • Telephone: 023 9284 6329
  • Email:
  • Department: Department of Psychology
  • Faculty: Faculty of Science


I joined the Department as a Lecturer in 2004. Prior to this, I was a researcher at the University of Aberdeen and worked on a number of projects examining the particular strengths and vulnerabilities associated with eyewitnesses and, in particular, older eyewitnesses. During this period, I also worked with the Eyewitness Research Group and the local Grampian Police on associated projects, including the production of facial composites, such as E-fits. I also have an interest in jury systems and biases associated with juror and jury decision-making and my doctoral work examined the impact of biases on memory and decision-making.

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Teaching Responsibilities

I am Unit Co-ordinator for the following Units:

  • Psychology and the legal process (MSc Forensic Psychology)
  • Cognitive and Social Psychological Perspective on Persuasion & Influence (BSc Psychology; BSc Psychology & Criminology)
  • Introduction to Cognitive Processes (BSc Psychology; BSc Psychology & Criminology).   

Research Interests

Interviewing eyewitnesses: Enhancing output quantity and diagnosing accuracy.Collaborators:  Professor Neil Brewer (Flinders University) and Dr Fiona Gabbert (University of Abertay)

Memory Contamination and Co-witness Interactions; Collaborator: Fiona Gabbert (University of Abertay).

Design & Development of a Scene of Crime Recall Tool. Collaborators: Fiona Gabbert (University of Abertay);  Professor Ron Fisher (Florida International University)

A Survey of Practitioners' Beliefs regarding Trauma and Memory. Collaborators: James Ost (University of Portsmouth); Professor Chris French (Goldsmiths); Daniel Wright (University of Sussex) & Simon Easton (University of Portsmouth).


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Economic & Social Research Council.  Learning from the expert: Can observing the oculomotor behaviour of expert face processors improve training of face matching?  Hillstrom, A., Hope, L. & Sauer, J. (Awarded:  January 2012).

Home Office Scientific Development Branch.  Review of training methods for facial image comparison. Hillstrom, A., Hope, L. & Sauer, J. (Awarded:  December  2010).

Higher Education Investment Fund.  Hope, L. Self Administered Interview Recall Tool: Website Development (Awarded: August, 2010).

British Academy (£7,496). Flowe, H., Hope, L., & Hillstrom, A. Beyond novelty? Oculomotor evidence of the role of attention in the weapon focus effect (Awarded:  March 2010).


Witness Memory and the Self Administered Interview. Metropolitan Police, London (6 January 2012).Invited Seminar

Witness Memory – Tools & Techniques to Enhance Recall.  Greater Manchester Police – Meeting of Investigative Interviewing Regional Advisors (28 September 2011) Invited Seminar

The Self-Administered Interview: Capturing Witness Memory at the Scene.CEPOL European Police College, Stockholm, Sweden (25 May 2011). Invited Seminar

Interviewing eyewitnesses: Enhancing output quantity and diagnosing accuracy using the Grain Size technique.  British Psychological Society Workshop:  Metacognition:  Where next? Hosted by the University of Hull (5-7 November, 2010).Invited Presentation

Improving Post-Crash Response (Roadpeace, London):  Witness statements – how to get the most from them (22 September, 2010) Invited Address

Capturing Eyewitness Memory.  Greater Manchester Police (20 September, 2010) Invited Seminar

Witness Memory and the Self Administered Interview.  Oslo Police Headquarters, Norway (25 & 26 August, 2010). Invited Seminar

Postgraduate Research Supervised

I supervise undergraduate and postgraduate dissertations on eyewitness recall and identification, legal decision making, social influence and other applied memory topics.


I am a member of the International Centre for Research in Forensic Psychology.