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The Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR) provides a holistic record of student achievement, recognising the range of accomplishments by students during their studies, such as academic work, extra-curricular activities, voluntary work and offices held in student clubs and societies.

The HEAR represents a key formative document to ensure students gain maximum value from their time at university. Tutors are expected to encourage students to take a proactive approach to their HEAR documents throughout their time at university so they can put themselves at an advantage by being more attractive to potential employers.

A student will receive an Interim HEAR after the completion of each academic year until they graduate, when they will receive a final HEAR. The HEAR is shared with a student through a secure web page from which they can share it with third parties, such as potential employers.

Section 6.1 on the HEAR provides the opportunity to include student activities undertaken during their time at the University. Details of these will be provided by Schools, Departments and UPSU under one of the following headings: Committee Positions, Course Representative, Faculty Representative, Volunteering, University, Professional and Departmental Prizes. University Paid Employment and Placements will included at a later date.

The majority of information to be found on the HEAR comes from Student Records, although there are some notable exceptions from this:

  • The course entry requirements (section 3.3) uses information extracted from the relevant Definitive Course List for the year of entry.

  • The programme requirements (section 4.2) from

    • the Programme Specification Document section 12 (Educational Aims) or

    • Programme Specification Supplement section 14 (Educational Aims of the Course).

  • The additional information (section 6.1) activities data is populated from template spreadsheets supplied by individual departments.

Departments are expected to manage relevant 6.1 information for their students locally during the academic year, and to pass this to Registry by the start of Graduation. The detailed process and spreadsheet formats will be shared with relevant staff in each department.

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This Tutor Briefing Pack was shared with University staff in autumn 2014.