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Course Structures


The Course Structure process is used to update and cross-check all courses with units attached at the University of Portsmouth. It is integral that the Course Structures are correctly updated at the appropriate time and by the deadline given by the RSSA team. All late changes to Course Structures require approval from the Academic Registrar.

The Course Structures confirm the units students are able to take during each year of their course. The information on the units attached to courses is available to students via their course documentation and via the Unit Web Search web page.

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Example Course Structure

with annotated guidance

Course Structure Process Guidance

Course Structure Update Record

Validation Guidance


For guidance on unit changes and how to action the changes (i.e. on Course Structures, via UMA or email), or for further information on unit changes not made as part of the Course Structure process, please click here. Please click here to access the Unit Modification Approval pages.