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Course Approval Process

The process to be followed for all new courses

Stage 1

The purpose of Stage 1 is to allow early strategic agreement of new course proposals and give institutional authority and agreement to entries in the Prospectus, the Web, and the UCAS Handbook (where such provision will be advertised as being subject to validation)

  • Course Approval Form 10 (Request for Stage 1 Approval) Download Word document

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Note: Once obtained, Stage 1 approval is normally valid for ONE YEAR - if a proposal is not fully validated in that time, it may need to be resubmitted as a new Stage 1 proposal.

Stage 2

The purpose of Stage 2 approval is to consider the proposed course structure, ensure consistency with University regulations and policies and to agree the requirements for Stage 3 approval events. Stage 2 approvals will not consider any changes in the information given at Stage 1 (e.g. change of title, change of mode, change of intake date etc). These must be submitted using the Request to Change/Withdraw a Proposed Course (Form 95) - see below.

and for Combined Honours courses only:

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Stage 3

The purpose of Stage 3 approval is to consider the totality of the curriculum including admissions and induction policies, teaching, learning and assessment strategies, arrangements for academic guidance, tutorial support and the development of skills as well as the specific syllabus content as set out in the programme specification and unit descriptions. The purpose of the Approval Committee Report is to provide a formal record of the approval process that allows Quality Assurance Committee to verify that the approval process has been followed in accordance with published University procedures.

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Stage 4

The purpose of Stage 4 is to confirm the completion of the approval process and that the course documentation is of an appropriate standard necessary to the operation of the course and to the quality assurance processes of the University.

Changes and Withdrawals

The purpose of changes to and withdrawals of proposed courses is to provide detailed information about the request, to assist in determining whether the request should be approved, to ensure that appropriate measures are in place for those who may be affected by the request and to allow an audit trail to be maintained.

Course Approval Form 95 (Request to Change/Withdraw a Proposed Course) Download Word document