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Frequently Asked Questions

last updated - 29/2/2016

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Do I have to do an Annual Review?

All Postgraduate Research Students (PGRS) must have a review in every year that they are registered. PGRS are exempt from completing an Annual Review if they have already submitted their thesis for examination or are in an approved period of interruption.

An Annual Review is not required with in the same period that a PGRS is submitting for Major Review (eg if you submitted for Major Review on 30th September 2015 you are then required to submit for Annual Review by 30th September 2016).

If you received notification from us that you are due to submit for Annual Review then you are due to submit for Annual Review.


What evidence do I need to submit in addition to the UPR8A?

This differs by school/dept/subject group.   Please see the relevant Faculty/Department Annual Review Arrangements for your area's arrangements and details regarding the evidence required.


I am having difficulty printing my ‘Development Summary’ from Skillsforge.

The Graduate School have produced a step-by-step guide to printing your ‘Development Summary’ from Skillsforge.  This document is available at 


When can I submit for Annual Review?

Once the notification has been sent to the PGRS and the Supervisory Team from Research Section, Academic Registry then any documents and evidence to be submitted for Annual Review will be accepted.


Can I submit early submission for Annual Review?

Yes, you can submit early for Annual Review. However,  the documentation will not be sent out until the reviewers have been approved and this will be dependent on the local arrangements in your faculty/dept in assigning the independent reviewer(s).

Once all the documentation required has been received and the reviewer(s) have been confirmed, in line with the arrangements approved by the relevant Faculty Research Degree Committee, then the Research Section will forward the documentation to the Review Panel and the arrangements for the review meeting can be made. 


I only did my Major Review recently do I still need to do my Annual Review?

Yes.  Each academic year for which a PGRS is registered they must submit for and undertake a formal review.  Those recently finished a Major Review and have received notification from the Research Section, Academic Registry that an Annual Review should be submitted for shortly, will need to undertake the Annual Review.  If a Major Review meeting was delayed for any reason other than a formal interruption then submission for the next formal review will still be due.


Do I send my UPR8A to my Supervisors?

No, it is your independent report and your progress and must be submitted to by you.  However, you may wish to discuss your progress/additional evidence with them prior to submitting by the deadline.