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Major Review

PhD and MD students must submit for Major Review within the first 12 months (for full-time students), or 24 months (for part-time students). MPhil students may apply for a Major Review within the same time frames as above and will need to discuss this with their First Supervisor prior to submission. PD students are not required to undertake a Major Review.

For full details of these requirements please see the Academic Regulations for Higher Degrees by Research Section 6 Major Review for MPhil, PhD and MD Students.

If you are a PGRS student and would like further guidance and the procedures that you are required to follow, please see the Major Review Section of of the Research Student Handbook.

If you are a First Supervisor you can find further guidance and the procedures that you are required to follow the section covering Major Review in the Handbook for Postgraduate Research Degree Supervisors and Appendix 1 of the UPR10

After the Major Review Panel has met with the PGRS student to discuss the Major Review, the UPR13 Form is completed by the Panel Chair.

Dont Forget:  You can use SkiilsForge to track the Research Training undertaken and print out a copy to be included in your Major Review.

UPR10 - Major Review - First Supervisor's Statement [Acrobat (.pdf) - Fri, 04 Sep 2015 11:20:00 BST]

  The Major Review also has a deadline which is set based on the student's intake date and mode of study, details of the deadline are given in the both the student and supervisor's handbooks.  Any student who have not submitted their Major Review to the Research Section, as advised, by the deadline then, under the Regulations for Higher Degrees by Research, you may be at risk of exclusion.  Please contact the Research Section at to discuss any extenuating circumstances that may be affecting you in submitting the documentation required by the given deadline.

If you have any questions regarding the requriement for Major Review please contact one of the Research Section Team or email them on

UPR13 Major Review Decision Report [Acrobat (.pdf) - Tue, 14 Jun 2016 14:46:00 BST]

PGRS Major Review - suggested template (as per PGRS Handbook) [Word (.doc) - Thu, 09 Jun 2016 13:20:00 BST]