Department of Student and Academic Administration

Student Administration: Sponsorship of Tuition Fees

What is a sponsor?

A sponsor is an employer, or a government body. It is not a relative unless the relative is paying through their official company. If a student is receiving direct payment of a scholarship then they are still classed as a self-paying student.

With the exception of students from Small and Medium Sized Employers who are entitled to an alumni discount if the company, student and course meet the eligibility criteria, sponsored students are not eligible for any of the tuition fee discounts currently offered.

Can a sponsor pay my tuition fees?

Yes, a sponsor can pay your tuition fees and/or bench fees on your behalf.

Do I need to let the University know if my sponsor is paying my fees?

You need to let the University know if your employer is paying your fees for you. You should ask your employer to complete an RE2 form, letter of sponsorship, official Purchase Order or, in the case of international students, an embassy’s Financial Guarantee. 

Where can I get a sponsorship form (The University’s Official Certificate of Sponsorship) from? 

External Company Sponsorship (RE2) This process is for external sponsors who are not a small or medium sized employer. Please download our RE2 Form. This must be completed in full, signed by the sponsor (not the student) and returned to the address shown below.

Small or Medium Sized Employers [SME] Sponsorship (RE2sme) This process is for external sponsors who are a small or medium sized employer and for where the company, student (and their course) is eligible for a 20% alumni scholarship. This discount will be calculated and the invoice reduced automatically. To see if the student would qualify as an alumni of the University of Portsmouth and if their course is eligible, please visit our Alumni Checker page.

If the employer is an eligible SME and the student (and their course) is eligible for an alumni scholarship, please download our RE2sme Form. The form must be completed in full and signed by the sponsor (not the student). The form should be returned to the address shown below.

To be eligible as an SME, your company must meet the following criteria:

  • the company must meet the statutory definition of an SME. (SMEs are defined as having less than 250 employees and an annual turnover of less than or equal to €50 million Euros). To check if you are eligible as an SME enterprise under the EU definition, please visit: Please note that this web link is correct at the time of publication of this guidance. You should ensure you have checked for the latest version of the EU definition.
  • the student's working location (not the Head Office if different) is based in an eligible region (Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, East Sussex, Hampshire and the Isle of Wight, Kent, Oxfordshire, Surrey and West Sussex and London).
  • the company can provide the latest set of Company Accounts with the RE2sme Form.

If the student is not eligible for an alumni scholarship, please complete the standard RE2 Form.

Internal Sponsorship (RE2I) This process is for University of Portsmouth Faculties and Schools/Departments. Please download our RE2I Form. This form should be completed in full and signed by an authorised signatory (not the student). The completed form should be returned to the address shown below.

Where can I get a Letter of Sponsorship template from?

A sponsor may send a letter rather than an RE2, however this must be on the sponsor's official headed paper and signed by the sponsor (not the student). You can download our template letter to use directly, or if you wish to use you own letter, you must ensure you copy and paste all the details from our template letter into your letter. Any letter sent without the details required and without the declaration can be rejected, leaving the student liable for the tuition fees.

The original must be sent to the address shown below as faxes are not accepted.

Where do I send the sponsorship form?

If a digital signature has been used, please email your form to If a physical signature has been used, either scan and email your form to the above email address or send it to the Academic Registry:

Academic Registry,

Student Administration Division,

Ground Floor,

University House,

Winston Churchill Avenue,



An invoice will be sent to your employer after you complete registration and a satisfactory ID check.

If you have already received an invoice from the University, please do not send the invoice to your employer to pay. Please advise

Is there anything I need to tell my sponsor about completing the sponsor form?

Yes, there is some important information to give to your sponsor as follows:

1. An RE2/RE2sme/RE2I Form or Letter of Sponsorship must be sent for each individual academic session.

2. Tuition fees covered by the RE2/RE2sme/RE2I Form or Letter of Sponsorship must be paid in full within 30 days of the invoice date.

3. To avoid delays in payment and the possible exclusion of the student, please ensure the RE2/RE2sme/RE2I Form or Letter of Sponsorship include the following:

  • Student's full name
  • The course the student is to study
  • The amount the sponsor wishes to contribute (Please specify in GBP)
  • The purchase order number *
  • The email address of your Accounts Payable Department where the invoice is to be sent
  • The FULL (including postcode if applicable) address that the invoice is to be sent to if no Accounts Payable email address is provided
  • The academic session the letter is to cover eg. 2016/17 (i.e. 1 August 2016 - 31 July 2017)
  • Contact email address of the signatory and/or sponsoring company/body

4. Incomplete RE2/RE2sme/RE2I Forms and/or letters containing insufficient information will not be accepted and the student will remain liable for the full tuition fee amount.

5. Where a Sponsor / Employer is unable to pay invoices without a purchase order number, the RE2/RE2sme Form or Letter of Sponsorship should not be submitted without the relevant number. The student's progress could be interrupted or facilities withdrawn if our invoice is returned unpaid and the PO number has not been quoted on the RE2/RE2sme Form or Letter of Sponsorship.

If you do not have a PO/Reference number, then please enter the signatory's full name , as we will use this as a reference, so your Finance Department will be able to match up the invoice on receipt.

Can my sponsor pay my whole course fees in one go?

Yes there are agreements available for sponsors paying more than one year’s fees as below:

Full Course Tuition Fee Agreement for Home/EU students - Sponsors/Employers of Home/EU students may pay the total course fee at the start of a student's programme of study. This is to assist Sponsors/Employers who would prefer to make a one-off payment to suit budgetary requirements rather than pay annual tuition fees. The application form for this agreement should be submitted prior to or at registration. 

Sponsors who wish to apply should read the terms and conditions of the policy and complete the ‘Full Course Tuition Fee Agreement’.

Fixed Entry Fee Agreement for International Students – Sponsors/Employers of International students may pay for more than one year's course fee at the start of a student's programme of study.

Sponsors who wish to apply should read the terms and conditions of the policy and complete the ‘International Fixed Entry Fee Agreement’.

What if I want to use my Enhanced Learning Credits (ELCAS)

The University of Portsmouth accepts ELCAS funding in a similar way to sponsorships. We can accept claims for all of our courses providing the information on your claim is accurate. Before applying through your Educational Staff, please contact us on 023 9284 3492/3293 or  where we can advise you of:

  • Your start date
  • Your tuition fee for the academic year
  • Our learner provider number

Please note: incorrect information on the form will result in non-payment by ELCAS and you will be liable for the full amount.

What happens if I withdraw from my course?

If an RE2/RE2sme/RE2I Form or a Letter of Sponsorship is received by the University, this confirms your sponsor’s contractual obligation to pay fees for you for the period stated even if you withdraw, or you leave your employment. It is therefore recommended that your employer forms their own agreement with you to cover your obligation to your sponsor, should you withdraw from the programme or leave your employment.

Our withdrawal policy can be found at 'Where can I find tuition fee policies and procedures? '.