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What is Nearpod?

Nearpod is an intuitive piece of software that turns the concept of presenting in the classroom on its head. Instead of having students peer at PowerPoint slides on a screen at the front of the classroom, Nearpod lets students focus on real-time interaction between the teacher and class on a device screen in front of them, e.g. a tablet, smartphone or laptop. Nearpod is browser-based, therefore an internet connection is required.

Why use Nearpod?

Using Nearpod can help engage students by allowing them to actively participate in classroom presentations. From the Nearpod interface teachers can upload PowerPoints and add rich interactions to the presentations, such as slideshows for the students to investigate themselves, full text answers, quizzes and more.

How to access Nearpod

Teachers can create a free Nearpod account ( As a Google institution it is possible to sign up to Nearpod using your account via “Sign in with Google” and not have to create another account or password.

Students connect via a class ID number and therefore don’t need an account. For students using a hand-held devices they will need to install the appropriate app - available platforms include Android, iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Nook HD, Chromebook, Apps for Windows.

The free Nearpod account does have a 30 connections limitation and fewer features, however, the most useful (at HE level) can be still used.


This is a great classroom teaching tool – it allows the teacher to get instant and live feedback from the class as well as having the freedom to move around freely and not be stuck controlling a PowerPoint presentation from the front of the class. You can also upload pre-existing PowerPoint presentations to Nearpod, allowing you to build on learning resources you may have already created rather than starting from scratch.

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