Department for Curriculum and Quality Enhancement


What is this service?

The TEL team offer a complete editorial service, including design and artwork redrawing, and in the case of printed material can take your draft material through to the final bound product.

Who can use this service?

Staff. We have worked with departments such as ICJS and Psychology, editing and designing books, workbooks and manuals in support of their distance learning programmes. Increasingly, we are involved in repurposing print materials for use in blended learning approaches.

Some other projects have included the Tonguefreed booklet, the Annual Learning and Teaching Conference booklets and the EBP4NHS booklet. We are also happy to edit and advise on papers that are to be submitted to research journals.

Why should I use this service?

The TEL team can help you produce high-quality print materials for teaching and learning.

Increasingly, 'print' is being delivered on screen. We are investigating the output of documents in page turning format (suitable for the web) and in EPUB format (suitable for handheld devices such as eReaders and tablets).

Where can I find out more about this service?

Please contact the TEL team ( for further infomation.


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