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TechSmith Relay and TechSmith Fuse

What is TechSmith Relay, and TechSmith Fuse, and what is the difference?

A simple to use service providing a means to create instructional video by capturing the actions visible upon a computer screen or through the camera of a mobile device using the TechSmith Fuse app. The video can then be shared easily by embedding within Moodle.

Who is it for?

TechSmith Relay is for University staff to use primarily for content creation, although it may be possible for your students to create content themselves – if you require this option please contact with details.

Why should I be using TechSmith Relay?

Video is a powerful alternative to text-based materials as it can be more engaging and memorable as well as faster and easier for students to consume. It also allows you to 'flip the classroom' ( allowing you to deliver content in the student's own time and at their own pace, freeing up contact time for interactive discussion.

When might I want my students to use TechSmith Fuse?

The Fuse app is really straightforward and easy to use. Lecturers around the University have successfully utilised it to record students giving presentations or participating in role-playing scenarios. Students are then able to learn from watching themselves rather than just being told what they did. Ask for a demonstration.

Where do I find TechSmith Relay?

The TechSmith Relay desktop recorder is available via the Application Jukebox Player on University networked computers. To install on your own device please visit and sign in with your University of Portsmouth account details before selecting 'Download Recorders'.

The TechSmith Fuse App for recording from your mobile device is available on Android, iOS and Windows compatible phones and tablets from the appropriate App Store:




How do I use TechSmith Relay?

The interface is easy to use, with a big red button to click or press to start your recording, and a stop button to finish and the ability to pause your recording part way through. 'Set up and use' guides will appear here shortly.

I have a question...

For more information or further assistance please contact

Case Studies:

Using TechSmith Relay to record lectures for distance learning students – Michelle Juchau, Lecturer, Learning at Work.

Using TechSmith Fuse to record student presentations and mock court room interviews – Charles Barker, Principal Lecturer, School of Law.

Using TechSmith Fuse to record students in clinical role-playing scenarios – Mike Leech, Senior Lecturer, School of Pharmacy & Biomedical Sciences.


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