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What is Compass?

Compass is a digital repository for the collection and curation of digital resources. It currently houses a number of special collections, including the Streaming Media CollectionSkills@Portsmouth and Epigeum materials. The real strength of Compass lies in the way it handles complex metadata, allowing a detailed catalogue of resources of various types to be created and searched from a single place.

Who is it for?

Compass is available to all members of staff accross the University. We are investigating more ways to use Compass to promote sharing and re-use of learning assets, and welcome suggestions from faculties and departments who think it may be of benefit to them.

Why should I be using it?

On Compass you'll find useful learning resources suitable for standalone use, or for embedding within a wider programme of learning. Resources range from thousands of streaming videos to study skills guides. 

How do I use Compass?

Use the 'Quick search' and 'Browse Collections' boxes to start searching for digital resources. Once you have found a resource you can easily embed it directly into your Moodle. If you have a resource that you think other members of staff might find useful, ask your faculty Online Course Developers to add it to Compass. If the material is suitable for Compass, you will then be provided with a link to your content which you can share amongst staff and students or embed within Moodle.

How do I access Compass?

You can access Compass by visiting


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