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An electronic portfolio or ePortfolio is a collection of resources and evidence managed by a user online. Such resources and evidence could include PDFs/Word documents, images, multimedia, blog entries, RSS feeds and hyperlinks.  ePortfolios are a great tool for showcasing a user’s achievements, skills and self reflection, particularly throughout their journey through higher education.

What is an ePortfolio video

What is ePortfolio?

Mahara is the University’s ePortfolio system. Mahara is an open source stand-alone system that can be integrated into a wider virtual learning framework. The developers behind Mahara have also been heavily involved in the Moodle community, which is why Mahara is often referred to as the ‘sister’ application to Moodle.  Once networked together, users can access Mahara via a single sign on to Moodle.

Click here for more information on the features of Mahara. 

Who is it for?

ePortfolio is for staff and students who are looking for a platform to showcase their achievements, skills and for self-reflection.

Why should I be using it?

ePortfolio is managed by the Department of Employability (DoE) as a tool for student’s Personal Development Planning (PDP).  Students can create CVs and ePortfolio pages to showcase their achievements and skills for their tutors and potential employers. To find out more about using ePortfolio for PDP, then check out the ePDP site in Moodle.

ePortfolio is also a great tool for reflection. Academics are currently using the blog tool for students to use as self reflection and the group tool for collaborative work.

How do I use ePortfolio?

You can find guides to using ePortfolio within Moodle: ePortfolio Staff Help

For help in getting started in ePortfolio please contact

For help in using ePortfolio for PDP please contact or


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