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Planet eStream

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What is Planet eStream?

Planet eStream is a lecture capture solution being trialled by the University of Portsmouth. As a full lecture capture solution, Planet eStream has more advanced functionality than is available through the screen capture solution offered campus-wide via TechSmith – Relay and Fuse.

Planet eStream will record both the screen and a video of room in which a presentation is taking place. Using a pressure pad on the floor the video can be switched between a long shot and a close-up, providing a professional video to accompany your audio and screen display.

Who is it for?

Planet eStream is in a trial phase. Staff wishing to trial this service can enquire via with the dates and times of their presentation. We will then be able to check room availability.

Why should I be using it?

Capturing lectures can be useful for revision purposes or help students who are absent from your lectures, for a specific reasons, to catch up with the work that has been covered. It can also be a way of presenting prelecture content or assignment feedback to students. Planet eStream also allows the permission of live streaming of lectures, which might be useful for distance learning courses.

How do I use Planet eStream?

The system is set up and ready to go. All you need to do is click ‘record’ and begin presenting in a room where Planet eStream has been installed. 

How can I access Planet eStream?

Planet eStream is currently only available in the DCQE Staff Development Room (Unit 3, St. Andrews Court) and in one of the rooms in the Grad School. If you would like to use Planet eStream please contact


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