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Media repositiories

Below you will find a collection of links to useful sites for film and video collections, podcasts and information related to the use of moving images and audio for learning and teaching. More technology we advise on.






  • BBC Motion Gallery - BBC Motion Gallery is the BBC's archive clip licensing business and the exclusive global representative of footage material from leading broadcasters as well as numerous other acclaimed archives. You will need to create your own account to access the vast collection of clips for use in presentations, lectures, coursework and media. Search through a vast collection of moving imagery on topics such as Current Affairs, Sport, Natural History, Medicine, Geography, The Arts and many more. The Gallery will include additional footage from other content partners such as CBS News and NHK

    BoB National - The University of Portsmouth subscribes to BoB National, a shared off-air recording and media archive. BoB (short for ‘Box of Broadcasts’) provides staff and students with online access to television and radio programmes from the previous seven days, as well as allowing users to book recordings for broadcasts seven days in advance, from more than 50 television and radio channels. Users may also search thousands of programmes stored in the growing archive. Users can compile playlists of extracts or full titles for personal use or to share with other staff and students. Searches can be run by title or keyword and the BoB National archives are held indefinitely for access by all registered users.

    British Movietone Digital Archive - British Movietone Digital Archive is one of the world's largest newsreel archives containing historical film footage covering most of the major events of the 20th century, principally from 1929–1979. This site provides clips for playing but will require a subscription and fee for downloading.

    British Universities Film and Video Council (BUFVC) - A representative body that promotes the production, study and use of film and related media in higher education and research.


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  • Compass - The University's media repository

    Culverhouse Classical Music Collection - Included as part of the Jisc MediaHub, this collection comprises over 50 hours of copyright-free classical music, covering much of the core repertoire plus rarer pieces from the 17th to the 20th centuries. It is licensed from Brian Culverhouse who, after 20 years at EMI, has been an independent record producer for 30 years, working with many famous performers. For ease of use, the music is available in small pieces, such as movements, and some associated scores are also available. As with existing Film & Sound Online collections, users are permitted to extract sections for delivery in a VLE or on disc.

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  • Educational and Television Films Ltd - The ETV collection is unique in that it is the largest surving collection of productions from the former Soviet Union, Communist China, the European Eastern block, Chile and Cuba. It is the legacy of the work of Stanley Forman, one of the leading figures in the Communist Party of Great Britain.

    In addition to documentary footage on, for example, the 1917 Russian Revolution, the Spanish Civil War, Nazi Germany, the Vietnam war, Tibet and Beirut, the collection also includes a number of Soviet, Czech and Bulgarian feature films.

    The material will be of interest to lecturers and students in Higher Education and will be particularly useful in the disciplines of military, political and social history, the history of science, war studies, media studies, music and the performing arts, and the study of propaganda.

    The ERA Licensing Scheme - The ERA Licensing Scheme permits staff at educational establishments to record, for non-commercial educational purposes, broadcast output of ERA members.


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  • Imperial War Museum - Included as part of the Jisc MediaHub, the IWM film and video collection is recognised as one of the most important moving image resources for the study of all aspects of the major conflicts in which Britain was involved in the 20th century. This selection from their holdings consists mainly of British official films, but there are also titles from the USSR and the USA. The material spans the First and Second World Wars, post-war reconstruction, Cold War and Civil Defence films and, most recently, videotape from the United Nations Television Campaign in the former Yugoslavia from 1994 to 1996.

    Subjects covered include; military, political, social history, defence and war studies, American studies, colonial and post-colonial studies, women's studies, media studies, cultural studies, international relations, town and country development, art, literacy and the uses of propaganda.

    Independent Television News Archive - This archive is viewable but clips used will be charged for.


  • Jisc MediaHub - Jisc MediaHub is a JISC-funded (keep the link to on 'JISC') set of collections of film, video and sound material.. Several hundred hours of high-quality material are available for download, either in full or as segments, and can be used freely in learning, teaching and research. A Shibboleth login is available for all of the collections.

    The Jisc MediaHub also contains 3000 hours of content from the Newsfilm online ITN/Reuters news archive, and collections such as: the Culverhouse Classical Music Collection comprising of over 50 hours of copyright-free classical music and content from Educational and Television Films Ltd the largest surviving collection of productions from the former Soviet Union, Communist China, the European Eastern block, Chile and Cuba.


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  • Podcast Alley - A directory of podcasts (podcast directory) available on the Internet. Podcasting is a great way for professionals and individuals alike to create audio news files (podcasts) that people can download to their portable media devices and listen to when they are away from their computers.



  • Researcher's Guide Online (RGO) - This service is based on the data that comprises the established BUFVC reference work The Researcher's Guide: Film, Television, Radio and Related Documentation Collections in the UK. The RGO has entries on more than 600 film, television, radio and related documentation collections in the UK and Ireland. It features national and regional archives as well as stockshot libraries and collections held by local authorities, museums, institutions of further and higher education, industrial companies and private individuals 

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  • Wessex Film and Sound Archive - The Wessex Film and Sound Archive is situated in Winchester. You can see and hear history, from late Victorian times to the present day, through moving images and sound recordings. The Archive contains over 32,000 film and sound recordings relating to central southern England, including film and tapes of local TV and radio. The archive havs a lot of footage of Portsmouth including some of the University’s own material. It has a limited number of clips for viewing online; nothing is downloadable.


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