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APEX - Academic Professional Excellence Framework

The APEX Framework consists of the APEX Programme and the APEX Recognition and Reward Scheme both of which are aligned with the University’s Education Strategy. To find out further information about APEX, then check out the Essential Guide to the APEX Programme.

The APEX Programme provides a range of flexible initial and continuing development opportunities aligned with UK Professional Standards Framework (UKPSF). There are six Pathways (Foundation to Reader/Professor mentorship) within the Programme, each designed to support and develop staff involved in teaching and supporting learning according to their role – see below. The APEX Pathways to Associate Fellowship, Fellowship and Senior Fellowship are accredited by the HE Academy.

The APEX Recognition and Reward Scheme consists of a range of opportunities to recognise, reward and celebrate excellence in learning, teaching and supporting learning.

APEX Programme

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Foundation Pathway

This Pathway provides the initial professional development towards Descriptor 1 and consists of different flexible and individualised routes for various categories of staff to enable them to meet their teaching responsibilities.

The GPROF route aims to support and develop postgraduates, who will work as demonstrators and tutors.

The ALPROF aims to support and develop part time teaching staff.

Associate Fellowship Pathway (D1)

This Pathway is suitable for all staff, both with and without previous experience, who have responsibilities for supporting student learning in higher education.

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Fellowship Pathway (D2) 

This Pathway is appropriate for all academic staff, both with and without previous experience who are involved in teaching, assessing and supporting student learning.


Senior Fellowship Pathway (D3)

This Pathway is for highly experienced academic staff with a considerable level of scholarly and professional expertise, developed over time, in supporting high quality student learning in all dimensions of the UKPSF.

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Principal Fellowship Pathway (D4)

This Pathway is for senior academic staff with responsibilility for strategic leadership within and/or beyond the institution. Participants are supported to make individual application to the HE Academy.