Department for Curriculum and Quality Enhancement

Admissions Conference

DATE: Friday 12 September 2014

VENUE: Richmond Building

TIME: 09.45–16.15

This is the annual conference for staff working in recruitment and admissions. It offers staff the timely opportunity to hear about and discuss new initiatives, strategies, policies and practices relating to undergraduate and postgraduate admissions.

This year the focus will be the Applicant Experience and the ways in which the University supports this key stage of the student life cycle.

The applicant experience is concerned with the quality of the opportunities and points of interaction between universities and potential students.

A good applicant experience is beneficial to both the applicant and the University as it prepares, informs and provides equality of opportunity to potential students. It should support the matching of students’ aims, abilities and aspirations with the objectives of and opportunities offered by University.

In contrast, a poor applicant experience is detrimental to the objectives; such experiences create barriers to entry, disengages potential applicants and risks miss matches between student expectation and reality.

The conference will focus on the following stages of the admission process: Pre-application, Application, Post-application and Transition.

Who is it for?

  • Academic Staff with admissions responsibilities
  • Faculty Admissions Centre Staff
  • Staff closely involved in admissions work 

Admissions Conference Programme

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