Department for Curriculum and Quality Enhancement

Course Design and Approval

Essential Reading

 HEA/QAA Relevant Documents and Sites

  1. QAA code of practice

 Recommended Reading

  1. How to use learning outcomes and assessment criteria
    This publication by Gosling and Moon (1st ed. 2001, 2nd/3rd ed. 2002. Revised Introduction 2009) is a practical guide designed to assist in writing and using learning outcomes and assessment criteria.

  2. Designing learning outcomes and linking them to assessment (pdf, 233KB)
    The authors Race, Brown, and Smith discuss strong and demonstrable links between intended learning outcomes and assessment processes and criteria that are central to the design of fit-for-purpose assessment - ensuring that assessment is constructively aligned.

  3. Credit level descriptors 2016 for HE
    Descriptors define the level of complexity, relative demand and autonomy expected of a learner on completion of a unit or programme of learning. They provide a description of levels of learning through a hierarchy of knowledge and skills.