Department for Curriculum and Quality Enhancement


Staff located in Mercantile House

Ms Lucy Sharp    Interim Director of Curriculum and Quality Enhancement   
Mrs Sue Soffe Administrative Officer (Student Surveys) 3032
Mrs Sarah Blows Administrative Assistant 3037
Mr Aaron Sayers Departmental Manager  3232
Dr Melita Sidiropoulou   Senior Research Associate 3155

Academic Development

Miss Amy Barlow Head of Section 3183
Dr Andre Van Der Westhuizen    Principal Lecturer in Higher Education   
Mr Phil Verrill Principal Lecturer in Higher Education   
Dr Mary McKeever Principal Lecturer in Higher Education   
Mrs Susan Gibbs Senior Lecturer 3230
Miss Madeline Worsely Learning Partnership Co-ordinator 2557
Mrs Reshma Shingdia Events Administrator 5258
Mr Daniel Piccolo Administrative Assistant  3327

Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL)

Dr Stephen Webb Head of Section 5865
Mr Jerry Collingwood Senior Educational Technologist 5868
Mr Richard Heath Senior Educational Technologist 3681
Mrs Marie Kendall-Waters    Senior Educational Technologist  
Mr Mike Wilson Senior Educational Technologist 3194
Mr Tom Langston Educational Technologist 5877
Miss Rosemary Shearer Print Designer 5867
Mrs Mandy Harcup eLearning Administrator 5869
Miss Alana Aldred Online Course Developer (Monday-Wednesday) 3375
Mr Tom Cripps Online Course Developer 3145
Mr Will Maltby Online Course Developer
Mr Shaun Searle Online Course Developer 3022
Mr Daren Cooper Online Course Developer (Degree Apprenticeships)  
Mrs Becky Holman Online Course Developer (Degree Apprenticeships)  
Mr Andrew Taggart Online Course Developer (Degree Apprenticeships)  
TEL Support Line   3355

Staff located in the Nuffield Centre

Student Advice Services Administrative Team

Mr Aaron Sayers Departmental Manager 3232
Ms Lisa Hill Administrative Assistant     
Miss Heloisa Machado   Administrative Assistant 
Mrs Claire Myers Administrative Assistant
Mrs Julie Stuart Administrator 3049
Ms Sophie Prater    Senior Finance Officer 3162

Wellbeing Services

Denise Meyer Interim Head of Section  3156
Ms Rebecca Hiscock Senior Counsellor 3147
Mrs Teresa Baraclough Counsellor 3152
Miss Michelle Dadachanji   Counsellor 3154
Ms Rebecca Dickinson Counsellor 3454
Ms Stella Gothard Counsellor 3164
Mr Brent Highmore Counsellor 3153
Mrs Janine Kane Counsellor 3164
Mrs Zoe Kelly Counsellor 3153
Dr Denise Meyer Counsellor (Monday-Tuesday)   
Ms Jackie Ball Senior Mental Health Advisor 3165
Miss Naomi Kennett Mental Health Advisor 3217
Ms Pamela Ringland Mental Health Advisor 3217
Mr Stephen Daley Wellbeing Advisor 5593
Miss Stephanie Langan    Wellbeing Advisor 3060

Academic Skills Unit

Mr Paul Ramsay Head of Section  5085
Mr Martin Hampton    Academic Skills Lecturer and Resources Co-ordinator   
Mr Julian Edwards Academic Skills Lecturer
Ms Heather Lee Academic Skills Lecturer
Ms Julia Smith Academic Skills Lecturer

Additional Support and Disability Advice Centre

Mrs Gail Borham Head of Section  3159
Mrs Kay Bennett Administrative Assistant (mornings, term-time only) 
Mr David Bennet Administrative Assistant 3462
Miss Helen McHattie Administrative Assistant 3785
Mrs Tracey Martin Administrative Assistant 3462
Mrs Sarah Wells Administrative Assistant 3462
Dr Wendy Benson Disability Officer 3166
Miss Emily Cook Disability Officer 3168
Mr David Filmer Disability Officer 3134
Mr Neil Lovesey Disability Officer 3697
Mr Stephen Petty Disability Co-ordinator
Miss Lorna Campbell Assistive Technology Tutor 3784
Ms Hilary Corr Specialist Tutor 3255
Ms Gemma Hutchinson   Specialist Study Skills Tutor 3092
Mrs Susan Rutter Specialist Study Skills Tutor 3091
Mrs Louise Squire Specialist Study Skills Tutor 5086
Mr Martyn Stahl Specialist Tutor (IT) 3693
  Dyslexia Screening/EP/Mentoring 3787
  Portsmouth Assessment Centre 3787