• Where can I find details of the University motor insurance for University owned/leased/hired vehicles?

    A copy of the current Motor Certificate can be downloaded below:

    Certificate of Motor Insurance

  • What is the policy excess?

    Your Department will be responsible for the first £250 of any damage to owned/hired/leased vehicles.

  • I have had a motor accident - What do I do now?

    If you are involved in an accident while driving or acting as the person in charge of a vehicle, you must advise the Estates Helpdesk as soon as possible.

    The hirer is responsible for completing an Accident Report Form which should be submitted to the University Insurance Officer ASAP.

  • What do I need to do if I wish to drive a hire car?

    Contact the Estates Helpdesk  to arrange the hire.  They will also check your licence and obtain information required by our insurers.

  • Why does the University need to check my licence and personal details?

    The University has a legal responsibility and duty of care it its staff to manage Health and Safety effectively and this includes all work related driving activities.

    It is both a legal and insurance requirement that all drivers have a full and valid driving licence covering the category of vehicle that they will drive on University business and that insurers are advised of all material facts.  Failure to do so may invalidate the University Insurance.

    The following matters need to be referred to our insurers:
    •    In excess of 6 points on driving licence.
    •    Medical Conditions which are DVLA notifiable
    •    Non-European driving licence.
    •    2 or more “at fault” accidents.

  • Where can I find details of the University Driving vehicles on University business policy?

  • Am I insured by the University when using my own vehicle on University business?

    NO - The University motor insurance does not cover individuals to use their own car on University business use. It is a University requirement that you extend your own private motor insurer for 'business use' including carriage of passengers if relevant. Your insurers may make a charge for this extension to your policy, and if this is the case then this is at the individual's expense and is not a cost on the University. It is intended that the mileage allowance will compensate for any such cost.

    If you use your car for business purposes, all insurance issues are the responsibility of the individual. Therefore in the event of an accident, the individual is responsible for submitting the claim to their insurers and for paying any excess. Also any damage below the excess is the responsibility of the individual and not the University.

    A few things to watch out for:

    • Some insurers provide quotations for social, domestic and pleasure purposes only, plus commuting to and from normal place of work.  This is not the same as “business use” and will not cover the occasional trip to a meeting elsewhere.
    • If you are named as a driver on someone else’s motor insurance (e.g. spouse), please check that business use is available for you!
  • Am I insured to use a University Owned/Hired/Lease vehicle for personal use?

    NO - It is important to remember that you are only insured to drive on approved University Business and are not insured for personal use.

  • Can I take a University owned/leased/hired car abroad?

    Our insurance allows staff to take University cars abroad to the following countries:

    All member countries of the European Union and Iceland, Norway and Switzerland.

    If you are driving abroad you should take a motor certificate with you and a photocopy of the vehicle's registration document.  You should contact the Estates Helpdesk to ensure that European breakdown cover is place.

  • We will be hiring a car abroad; can this be covered under University Insurance?

    No - A vehicle must be insured in the country in which it is registered so when hiring abroad include insurance and breakdown cover from the hire company.