Human Resources

ESS FAQs- System use/navigation

"How can I access my Employee Self Service?"

Using the web browser on your PC or Mac, click on the link to Employee Self Service on one of the following locations:

"What web browsers can be used with PCs or Macs to see Employee Self Service?"

The recommended and preferred web browser is the latest version of Mozilla Firefox which is available from MyApps for University PC users and can be downloaded from the Mozilla site for home users and Mac users.

If you experience problems logging into the HR Employee Self Service system please contact the IS Service Desk to report faults or request support:

"I am new to the university, when can I access Employee Self Service?"

If you have recently started at the University, there will be a lead time of up to 5 working days between your start date and the HR System Administration contacting you with your login details.

If you have not received any information after 5 working days from your start date please contact for advice.

"I am on maternity leave, but cannot see my maternity absence dates or KIT days on the system, why?"

Access to maternity absence dates is not available through the Employee Self Service interface - this is a limitation imposed by the supplier of the software and not the University.

If you have any questions or concerns about your maternity leave please discuss this with your line manager or contact to arrange a meeting with your faculty/department HR Business partner.

"Can annual leave be requested and authorised retrospectively?"

Yes. Placing and authorising annual leave requests retrospectively is an acceptable practice and the process works in the same way as requesting and authorising future dated leave.

"If leave is not authorised within the allocated timeframe (5 days), what happens?"

Leave requests can be authorised at any point, e.g. even after the due date for authorisation has passed.

"Will I be able to use the Employee Self Service if I use assistive technology?"

Yes. The following 2 programmes have been tested successfully and work well with the Employee Self Service system: Dragon v.9 and v.10, Read & Write texthelp v.9.

"My leave record shows annual leave that I haven't taken, how can this be corrected?"

Speak to your Line Manager to seek approval. If in agreement, your Line Manager should contact the HR Service Centre on asking for the leave record to be deleted through the core HR system.

If you have questions relating to the information shown in the Self Service screens, please report this to