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New and expectant mothers

Some workplace hazards can affect pregnancy at a very early stage or even before conception, so prudent employers consider the health of women of child bearing age from the outset.
In order to comply with its duties under the Management of Health and Safety Regulations 1999 the University has developed a number of procedures to protect pregnant employees in the course of their work within the University. These procedures are overseen by the Human Resources DepartmentOccupational Health Service, Equality & Diversity and the employee’s line management.


Risk Assessment

The University, as part of the normal risk assessment process, must consider if any work is likely to present a particular risk to women of child bearing age.
When the University is notified that an employee is pregnant the manager will review the risk assessment for the specific work activities involved and identify any changes that are necessary to protect the health of the prospective mother and unborn baby and identify if any further actions are needed.
The University will involve prospective mothers in the process and continue to review the assessment as the pregnancy progresses to see if any further adjustments are necessary.

Examples of increased risk may involve:

a) lifting or carrying heavy loads
b) standing or sitting for long periods of time
c) exposure to toxic substances
d) long working hours

The risk assessment for new and expectant mothers can be found here.



The following Government guidelines are also available: