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Prescription Safety Spectacles

The Personal Protective Equipment at Work Regulations require that, where a member of staff is exposed to a risk to their health and safety, appropriate measures are put in force to control the risk. Where this cannot be achieved by other methods appropriate personal protective equipment must be issued at no cost to the employee, its use must be enforced.

To ensure the cost effectiveness and correct issue of safety spectacles, the University has made arrangements with Specsavers, Commercial Road, Portsmouth for the provision of appropriate spectacles and an eye test if necessary, to members of staff who normally wear prescription spectacles whilst carrying out their work.


The head of department should fill in an eyesight test request choosing the prescription safety spectacles option. The employee will receive an HS5A form via email and be requested to make arrangements with Specsavers in Commercial Road, Portsmouth, to have their eyes tested. Specsavers will issue the employee with prescription safety spectacles, which carry the same type of lens normally worn.

The current cost of safety spectacles is:

£36.81 to cover 1 pair of safety glasses with Pentax CR39 plastic lenses

£36.81 (additional cost) to cover Varifocal option

£12.62 (additional cost) to cover Polycarbonate lenses

£17.00 to cover the cost of an eyesight test


The paperwork that must be taken to Specsavers consists of the following:

Form HS5A

University Campus Card

Please note: The HS5A form is no longer issued in triplicate - Specsavers will retain the form.


In the event of the employee damaging their safety spectacles to the extent that replacement spectacles are required, the employee should refer to their department, who will arrange for replacement glasses to be provided using the above process.

The cost of providing safety spectacles, and an eye test, if required, will be re-charged to the employing department.

The interval between tests is normally 2 years.