Human Resources

HR Forms

We have gathered our HR forms and listed under the relevant area of activity. If you know which form you need, just click on the appropriate link in the table below.

Starting a new role


Interview Expense Claims

Higher Educational Statistical Agency form (HESA)



Relocation expenses claim form and Personal Declaration

Managing my team
Ensuring team wellbeing

Workplace Stress Risk Assessment

Reporting of an Injury or Near Miss (HS1 form)

Risk Assessment for New and Expectant mothers

Referral to Occupational Health

Welcoming a new team member

Personal Induction Plan

Managing individual contracts  

 Regrading an existing (or new) position*

Rewarding team members

Recognition Awards- Guidance and form for completion
















 Recruiment and Selection

Form for managers to complete if requiring a casual or temporary member of staff.

Employee Requisition

Advertising a vacancy

Advertising Request Form

Job Description, Person Specification and Job Hazard Identification form

Job Description/ Person Specification / Job Hazard Identification  (blank templates)

Grading/regrading Positions (whether new or existing) Application for the Grading or Regrading of a Post (PER33)
Forms to be completed following recruitment to a casual role

Variable Hours Employee form(includes HESA form)

Staff Monitoring 
















* Internal only