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The University of Portsmouth values the importance of providing an effective and timely induction for all new members of staff to ensure they successfully integrate into the University, their department, their team, and to their role. This period is particularly important to ensure that individuals understand what is required of their role, how the role fits with department aims and objectives and what is expected within the first months of starting.

Who needs an induction?

The induction process applies to new staff and existing staff who have been appointed to a new or different role within the University.
Certain groups may have specific induction needs such as graduates, school leavers, staff returning from career breaks, long-term absence or maternity/paternity leave, senior appointments and technical specialists and you are advised to consult with your HR Business Partner team in these cases.

The benefits of induction

An effective induction can determine how quickly new staff settle into the organisation and the speed at which they reach their full potential.
Induction needs to provide new staff with information, support and advice and any development that they may need. A well planned induction can help ensure that first impressions are positive and that starters quickly become familiar with the requirements of their post and adapt to a new working environment.

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What’s the relationship between induction and probation?

Induction should link to and complement the probationary process.  These two processes together should ensure that the member of staff is fully informed and equipped to carry out the role, understands key objectives and relevant performance measures, and has the necessary support and guidance available to support them.

The Line Manager’s role

It is the responsibility of the Line Manager to develop a suitable and timely induction programme for all new members of staff.  Managers should encourage other team members to play an active role in supporting new staff. For more information please see Managing Staff Induction