Human Resources

Delivering Excellence

“Supporting and developing our people to deliver excellence with commitment and passion.”

Excellence is justly recognised in our University vision and strategy as key to our continued success, enabling us to grow and develop our "creative and dynamic environment".  Receiving excellence service is something we, as consumers, each take for granted and with ever evolving technologies allowing greater access to services and facilities the onus is on us, as service providers, to ensure that we are meeting  - and exceeding - these same high standards.

So how are we doing?  At what level are we presently delivering- do we provide excellent service?  And to whom - do we really know who our customers are?  Are we consistent and efficient?  Do we wow our customers?  And how do we improve our interactions, with all customers - both internal and external?

Delivering Excellence has been specifically designed to guide and support staff in addressing these and other questions, empowering them to provide consistently excellent service by developing skills and strategies to really embed 'excellence' as the norm in service practice for the University.

"...real customer service must involve more than a department or handful of individuals.  Providing a true service-centered environment is everyone's job." Ricky Boyd, University of South Carolina.

In addition to attending and engaging with all taught elements of the programme, graduating delegates have also embraced the opportunity to network with colleagues from other areas of the University, supporting and encouraging one another throughout; shared knowledge and experiences to support effective collaborations; and undertaken some fantastic service based initiatives within their own areas of work designed to have a really positive customer impact, benefitting departments, faculties and the University as a whole.

On top of this their personal development and growth in confidence and skills, having been empowered to attend the programme has been wonderful to witness.

"It was really good to meet with other employees and to realise what passionate, talented staff the UoP has.  I felt proud to be part of it.  All of the sessions were really useful and the trainers were informative, entertaining and nurturing.  It was lots of fun to do and although I was nervous about giving a presentation, there was lots of support and it was very empowering.  Thoroughly recommend this programme to everyone:-)"

"It exceeded my expectations.  I did not expect to enjoy it as much as I did."

"I think the skills and knowledge within it are extremely relevant to delivering excellence within my role."

There are two opportunities for staff in customer focused roles to join the Delivering Excellence programme starting in January 2018.  For full details and to complete an application form, please visit our webpage about the Delivering Excellence Programme.