Human Resources

Delivering Excellence

Customer Insight

Format: An interactive session with a mixture of discussions, activites and group work
Presenters: Kass Hawkley, Learning and Development Adviser.
Time: 4 hours


This session will focus on how we identify customers and recognise their needs. Prior to attending delegates will review the service delivery within their own area of work by carrying out a ‘Mystery Shop’. This will provide an insight into the quality of service presently delivered; what they’re doing well and where improvements could be made.

Within the session we will also consider the customer path, review the steps customers need to take in order to achieve their required outcome, and start to consider the reasons for and the value of those steps.


  • To understand the different types of customers we encounter every day and what they are looking for from us
  • To understand the value of journey mapping - what it is and how it can be used
  • To establish if there are service standards within your area and if not how we can work together to set them
  • To determine what excellent service is


To know the value of understanding customer needs
To recognise that different customers have different needs
To have the opportunity to share best practice across the University to help develop consistency
To have begun thinking about impactful changes and how to make them