Human Resources

Delivering Excellence

Launch Event

Format: An interactive session with a mixture of discussions, activities and group work.

Presenters: Kass Hawkley (Learning & Development Adviser), Team members and the DE Programme Team

Time: 4 hours


This session will be an introduction to the Delivering Excellence programme, providing information on how it came about; its purpose, content and approach and the benefits to be gained from attending. Delegates from previous cohorts will be involved too; sharing their experiences of DE, its impact on them and the service improvements they have made as a result of attending.

Along with the programme delivery team, the DE graduates will provide mentoring support for delegates and assist with networking, shadowing and successful completion of the overall programme.

This session will also include a networking lunch for delegates and their line managers.


  • To introduce delegates and their line managers to the Delivering Excellence Programme
  • To provide understanding of the programme and its expectations
  • To allow delegates on both programmes to meet and network
  • To clarify the mentoring element of the programme, its structure and value

Learning outcomes

  • To have a clear understanding of the content and expectations of DE
  • To have met their fellow DE participants and some graduates of the programme
  • For managers to understand their role in empowering and supporting staff to successfully complete all elements of the programme