Human Resources

Launch Event

Format: This will be an interactive session supported by powerpoint and discussions.
Presenters: Kass Hawkley (Learning & Development Adviser) and the DE Programme Team
Time: 4 hours


This session will be an introduction to the Delivering Excellence programme, providing information on how it came about; its purpose, content and approach and the benefits to be gained from attending.  Expectations of the work required to complete the programme will be clearly set out, along with guidance around the role of managers in supporting their staff on the programme. Delegates from previous DE programme will be in attendance for any questions staff may have, and to share their experiences of how the programme has improved their customer service skills. The programme team will also be attending and will act as mentors to assist with networking, shadowing and completion of the programme.

This session will also include a networking lunch.

The aims of the workshops are to:

  • Introduce staff to Delivering Excellence and its purpose
  • Create understanding of the programme and its expectations 
  • Allow staff the opportunity to meet delegates on both programmes.

Learning outcomes:

By the end of this workshop participants will:

  • Have gained a full understanding of the content and expectations of the course
  • Have met all staff delivering and working on the programme
  • Have met all delegates attending the programme, including delegates from previous programmes
  • Be aware of the Google Community and how it will be used within the programme.