Human Resources

Practical Process Delivery

Format: Presentation, group activities, discussion

Presenter: Dave Adams, Portsmouth City Council

Time: 4 hours


Most of the work we do at the University is underpinned by processes.  This session will cover how to analyse, redesign and implement change in processes, ensuring that they are designed to be effective and deliver what matters to customers whilst removing unnecessary bureaucracy. 

Using examples and scenarios that everyone will recognise, this session will provide the opportunity for group work and discussion throughout.  We will cover how to study and map the flow of work, how to analyse process design and how to apply these skills in the workplace. 

The session will provide information on the following topic areas:

  • What does 'work' look like? Why does it look like that?
  • How to produce a visual 'map' of a process
  • How to identify what needs to change
  • How to make the change and embed the learning. 

The aims of the workshops are to:

  • Establish why we need to improve the processes and how to begin
  • Provide skills to study and map the flow of work
  • Help delegates identify the opportunity that change offers to improve service
  • Provide examples of how this approach can be used in any service environment.

Learning outcomes:

By the end of this workshop participants will be able to:

  • Study and map a process
  • Analyse the work that is done and the resources used to do it
  • Identify opportunities for change and improvement.