Human Resources

Delivering Excellence

The Essential Role of Equality & Diversity in Delivering Customer Excellence

Format: An interactive session with a mixture of discussions, activities and group work.
Presenter: Dave Small, Equality & Diversity Manager
Time: 4 hours


This session will build upon the Equality & Diversity online training which delegates must undertake prior to attending. It will provide information on the University’s approach to Equality & Diversity, the processes in place to mitigate against issues and to manage them should they arise and the support available to both staff and students.


  • To expand awareness of E&D impact when delivering excellent customer service
  • To clarify everyone’s role in supporting an environment free from bullying and harassment
  • To signpost staff to internal and external support and resources on E&D issues

Learning outcomes

  • To identify E&D impacts
  • To be aware of the University’s practices in managing E&D issues
  • To be aware of their role in supporting the E&D agenda within UoP
  • To know where to find internal and external E&D support