Human Resources

Guidelines on the Presentation of your Application for the Aurora Programme

Please ensure that you provide responses to all points listed below in a letter of application which should be sent to  by 21st July 2017.

You can also download these guidelines as a pdf.

1. Personal Details

  • Full name
  • Job title
  • Department
  • Faculty
  • Internal telephone extension
  • Pay grade
  • Email address
  • How long you have been in your current role
  • How long you have been working in the University
  • Name of line manager
  • Line manager’s job title


2. Reasons for applying

  • Why do you wish to attend the Aurora Programme?
  • Why Aurora specifically and how do you believe Aurora is different from other internal/external leadership activities/programmes you may have attended?
  • How does attending this programme build on your existing skills and knowledge?
  • How does this programme fit into your career plans?
  • What do you anticipate the benefits of participation on this programme will be, for a) you, b) your department or equivalent, c) the University?


3. In your application, please confirm that you understand that you will be:

  • Committed to the full Aurora process, attending all four delivery days plus the action learning set day and be prepared to undertake some self-directed study.
  • Ready to embrace the mentoring relationship, and actively work with your mentors to address your personal development and build your self-reliance.
  • Committed to a career in higher education and prepared to devote some time to thinking about and planning your career.
  • Willing to host an action learning set day at your institution, with the support of your Institution.
  • Prepared to embrace the extensive networking opportunities and participate fully in Aurora.
  • Willing to undertake projects or assignments for your Institution in order to build on your developing leadership skills.
  • Prepared to participate in a longitudinal study to gauge the effectiveness of Aurora.
  • Willing to act as mentor or role model to future participants.


4. Dean of Faculty or Head of Professional Services nomination and support

Your application should have the nomination and support of your Dean of Faculty or your Head of Professional Service, as applicable, and they should provide a brief supporting case which should be attached to your application.