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Recruitment and Selection Training

The Recruitment and Selection training will now be delivered in a modular style, allowing staff involved in the interview process to access the required modules in a timely manner.

'Trained Interviewer’ status is achieved once the pre programme e-Learning packages and modules 1, 3, 5 and 6 have been completed.

The full programme and module outlines, including the target audience and aims of the module can be found here.

Module 6: Recruitment and Selection: On-line Recruitment

Target Audience

Any staff involved in the recruitment process, either as a Trained Interviewer, a Panel member or administrative support.


The aim of the workshop is to guide users through the on-line recruitment system, explaining how it works and their responsibilities.

The aims of the workshop are:

  • To show delegates how to log in to the recruitment system
  • To explain the end-to-end recruitment process (advert to offer)
  • To confirm responsibilities and access for each role (Trained Interviewer, panel member, Administrative support, Candidate, HR)
  • To highlight any changes in process

Learning Outcomes:

  • Confidence to log in and use the system
  • Understanding of how the on-line recruitment system works

Pre-event Preparation

In preparation for attending the training you may wish to download the user guides from the HR website and bring along to the session to make notes against.


1.5 Hour workshop. Candidates will be provided with an overview of the system and be able to ask questions about how it works and processes they will need to use.


Leanne Prescott, HR Officer (HR Service Centre)


Please see the Learning and Development calendar for a full list of scheduled dates.

To book a place on this event, please e-mail