Human Resources

Learning and Development

Title of the Event

Workplace Disability Awareness Training

Target Audience

All staff with an interest in increasing their awareness of disability and improving inclusivity in the workplace for staff with disabilities.


Presented by Enable Me, a user led disability awareness charity, this session aims to raise general disability awareness and offer guidance, advice and support on how to improve inclusivity in the workplace for staff with a disability as well as provide a unique opportunity to ask someone with a disability questions about life with a disability and in the workplace.

The aims & objectives of the workshop are:

  • Explain possible ways of how to adapt your work and business environment and business practice to make it more accessible to people with disabilities.
  • Demonstrate appropriate use of language using current terminology when communicating with people with disabilities
  • Demonstrate empathy and understanding when interacting with people with disabilities
  • State the differences between Asperger's and Autism
  • Identify what equates to a reasonable adjustment
  • Explain the medical and social models of disability and the systemic barriers people with disabilities face everyday
  • Identify how to create an inclusive environment

Pre-event preparation

Please read through the following before attending the session: Disability Related Absence Guidance and Disability Guidance






Chris Jay, Enable Me

Session length

3.5 Hours

Delegate Feedback

Through HR on-line Feedback forms.


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